Your Friday Libo Brief

The most common themes of my liberty briefs are comportment and character. Ask any Marine what I’m likely to talk about they’ll respond with: “Conduct.”

One of the many factors influencing conduct is the company we keep. Many young troops feel they can be buddies with dirtbags in their ranks until I point something out to them. If they hang out with basketball players all the time eventually they’ll start playing basketball. If they have weightlifters for friends they’ll end up in the gym. Hang out with devil worshipers and they’ll end up ritually sacrificing their pets. If they hang out with stoners guess what?

For today’s liberty brief I’d like everyone to watch the video below. Hang out with slackers…

Listen to your SgtMaj, misbehavior leads nowhere good.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. 1. Where were you when I needed you?
    2. Our sergeant at Ft. Polk, unaffectionately called Popeye, used to end liberty brief with, “If you’re going to Shreveport, stay the hell out of Bozier City.”
    3. Our back of formation chorus of hippie draftees would shout back, “And if you’re going to Bozier City, stay the hell out of Shreveport.”
    4. Both were good advice.
    5. No. LA was somewhere between Deliverance and Smokey and the Bandit.
    5. My teenage son wandered in halfway through your blurb. Told him, ya, that’s what happens when you dodge school.
    6. Dodged one generation, right in time for the next, thank you!
    V/R JWest

  2. Heh!

    We live within a few miles of San Quentin. I always tell my kids that a substantial percentage of the guys in that prison are guilty of nothing worse than picking the wrong friends. If your friend hides pot under the passenger seat of the car when the CHP guy pulls you over, you’re going to jail.

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