Why do they hate the good guys?

 You’ve probably seen allegations leveled at Dakota Meyer and the Marine Corps by a reporter who had been embedded in Meyer’s unit. Right minded people will be suitably outraged I imagine. For some time I’ve had the opinion journalists and the news media really don’t report the news anymore. They sell it. Perhaps the reporter in question didn’t get a big enough story merely being embedded with Meyer’s unit. I can’t say. It would be a shame if accusations the Corps exaggerated events were true but the insinuation Meyer doesn’t deserve recognition is revolting.  There was a time when journalism and integrity went together like bread and butter. Not so much now days. The media hasn’t let hard facts get in the way of a good story for a long time now.
 It would appear modern news and entertainment media want nothing more than to smear the Armed Forces and for Americans to believe their military are the bad guys. Why do I feel this way? Turn on your television or computer and see for yourself. Lately every time a military member is portrayed in the media they are the villain in one form or another.  Let’s count off just a few of my own observations shall we?
1. Homeland is a Showtime network television series about a disgraced CIA officer who is after a Marine she believes turned traitor during his captivity by Al Qaeda. Hey America! Your returning vets are dangerous enemies! I have refused to watch this program and am insulted it exists.
2. In Season 3 of Castle there is a two part episode involving a terrorist group building a dirty bomb. Although the initial suspects are Syrian it turns out the real terrorists are a group of special ops veterans. The NYPD are aided by a Homeland Security agent who is little better than a jack booted thug himself. Again, vets are dangerous domestic threats and even Homeland Security is to be despised even though they are on our side. Oh yeah, the Syrian spy is the hero of the episode when he passes critical intel to the detectives.
3. In Season 6 of The Closer three Army Rangers are killed in a drive by shooting. Of course the military liaison involved gets wrapped around the axle over possible terrorist connections and hampers the investigation. This is because military officers are stupid and suffer from tunnel vision. 
4. In Season 7 of The Closer a minister is found dead in a motel. Long story short, it turns out his young son, a U.S. Marine, is the murderer. This has become so predictable as soon as I saw the kid in uniform I knew he had to be the killer. Yawn…
5. I must confess, on occasion the military is painted in a fairly positive light. For instance Time’s runner up for person of the year is none other than Admiral William McRaven. Who is he runner up to? Why none other than “The Protestor.” Who? You know, the Muslim Brotherhood and those unwashed clowns taking a dump in Zuccotti Park. Because Americans should be more like them and less like a Navy SEAL.
 I suppose I could go on but I have touched on this kind of thing before.
 My feeling is the media hates the likes of Dakota Meyer and everything he represents. He represents loyalty and devotion to something other than himself. He represents a standard of conduct and living they can never measure up to so they attempt to tear it down. They can’t stand to see American troops do good so they taint our actions with their lies and insinuation. They call the good things we do evil and their evil deeds good. The idea a journalist questions the integrity of the likes of Dakota Meyer would be laughable if it wasn’t so abhorrent. The Marine Corps continues to stand by Sgt Dakota Meyer as do I.
Despite rumors to the contrary, the good guys look just like this.

Want proof the good deeds of your warriors go unnoticed by the mainstream media? How many of you have seen this story?

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. According to NPR this morning, the writer of that piece is a contributing writer. Therefore he is paid by the number of clicks to his articles.
    He also followed up the article with another article that 180 degrees the first. And in suit, he has another article on the subject planned for Monday.
    Hello Christmas bonus!

  2. Whilst i’m not familiar with this new story, i’m not surprised that news media is the same slimy crap all over the world. Just look at the current News of the World palaver in the UK for the kind of stunts these people think is acceptable. News reporting these days is very little other than the TV network espousing opinions on current events – growing up with the BBC, i used to expect a level of impartiality from news sources, but thst seems to have disappeared completely. Fortunately, i’m aware enough that i can filter out a lot of the rubbish, but there are plenty of people who believe what they’re told – even when its utter bull***t.

  3. Top,
    This is the same crap TV was pouring out in the 70’s….every Nam vet was made out to be crazy and having flashbacks.
    Before I retired, I worked with young vets who’d served in OIF and OEF…going to college. For the most part, nobody knew they were vets…they just went to college, did their homework and got A’s in class.
    Nobody makes TV shows like that… in the gun shop/ range I work at, get a lot of young vets who come in…very nice folks, safe, good shots and very calm.

    but, that’s not good TV.

    My advice…don’t watch stupid TV shows or movies…that’s how we vote. When America stops watching crap, maybey hollywood will do better.

  4. Okie, go figure. Like I said, they SELL the news vice report it.

    Magoo, that seems to be the trend in modern times. Some folks buy into the lies despite hard facts which tell them otherwise.

    CI Roller, I haven’t watched a military movie made in the last ten years. As far as TV goes you never know until they spring it on you. Usually I like both programs mentioned but just feel let down when we are portrayed like that. If the military were an ethnic group we’d get to lose our minds at this false portrayal.

  5. I disagree with you somewhat in that I don’t believe there’s ever been a time when the news media wasn’t infested with both idiots and ideologues.

    Personally, the primary difference now is that the innerwebs allows folk like us to challenge the degenerates.

    I also believe that what’s going on now is merely a symptom of the times.

    Not so long ago, it was decided by the “Deep Thinker” types that a citizen could give him/herself over to a hostile ideology and it was nothing more than a difference of opinion. Especially during a shooting war.

    It’s coming time when the watering will be due for Jefferson’s Tree o’ Liberty.

    Ad Triarios Redisse
    Semper Fi


  6. I don’t watch TV and I don’t believe 99 9/10’s of what the paper “reports”. But reporting on the good stuff that the good guys are doing, doesn’t sell, so it wouldn’t appear there anyway.

  7. This frustrates me so much. I think your analogy about the military being an ethnic group is a great point. For people who actually think, I don’t think it impacts them. But we know how Americans are sometimes when it comes to the stuff they watch or read. It sinks in.

    I once worked in a stodgy place (that shall remain nameless) in D.C. I mentioned that the man I was dating at the time was in the Marine Corps. I’ll refrain from repeating what one of my co-workers said but my reply was, “Have you ever met a Marine?” To which she replied, “No. But…” But what? People allow the crap they see to define their world view without thinking through it. Grr.

    I also am frustrated by the “every returning vet has PTSD story” that seems to circulate these days. Double Grr.

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