What’s been keeping me busy…Toys For Tots!

For anyone involved in the Marine Corps Reserve, this time of year is devoted to one thing: TOYS! Since 1947 the Marine Corps Reserve units have been collecting toys to give to less fortunate kids within their local community. Since most of the Marines in our battalion are from the local area, people who donate to Toys For Tots are essentially putting donations in the hands of their neighbors. We then sort the goodies and ensure local organizations receive gifts to deliver to area children who might otherwise do without.

On embassy duty we used to collect donations from the embassy staff and contact a local orphanage to deliver the loot all gussied up in our blues. Kids dig that.

More history on Toys For Tots:

Folks in the Cleveland area need only dial 211 for more information on how to participate.

Hat tip to Old Man Jay for the video above and this gem:

Semper Fidelis!

America’s SgtMaj

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  1. America’s SgtMaj:

    Merry Christmas to you and all of your Marines.

    In hopes that you will post again before the end of the month, I’ll wait until then to wish y’all a Happy New Year.

    Paul L. Quandt

  2. Paul, don’t worry, I’ve got some stuff I’ve been working on to post soon. The stupid day job has been keeping us all on our toes recently. I still haven’t even post anything about the ball this year! Oh the shame…

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