What we’ve been up to lately: Helo Ops

 The only tried and true method I can conceive to keep young Marines out of trouble is a rigorous training schedule. With that in mind we strive to keep the men busy with training events which may actually resemble something they will end up doing on a mission. This would be things like talking to pilots about casualty evacs, landing zone briefs and embarking/debarking from the bird.


Marines ready a casualty as a CH-60 lands.
Providing security for the LZ.
Circling above and keeping an eye out for evil doers.
“Dude, ‘extra cheese’ is not part of the LZ brief.”

Marines exit the aircraft to provide security in order to load a casualty.

Second only to spending a day shooting guns on the range is spending a day flying around in helicopters.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. I have my 5-yo nephew this morning, he likes vehicular things so i showed him your pictures. He says “Can those soldier men come instead of Father Christmas? I like helicopters better than reindeers”

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Magoo, this kind of reminds me of a time I was in an airport in D.C. in my Service A uniform with a buddy on our way to check in to our next duty station. A young boy saw us and exclaimed: “Look daddy, soldiers!” His father replied, “Yes son, and those are a special kind of soldier. They’re Marines.” You can safely assure your nephew that Marines will be pulling special duty Christmas eve providing security for Father Christmas.

  3. As always, the Victorians had an expression for it: idle hands are the devil’s playground. Are Marine 1st Sergeants actually Victorians in disguise?

    Couple more things: (1) the whole drill looks like guy paradise and (2) that desert camo really blends well.

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