What I did on summer vacation…

My absence recently has been due to the R&R program I took advantage of. For those of us overseas for a year or more the U.S. government kindly gives us a free ticket home for a couple of weeks. Most people would probably rest and relax.

America’s 1stSgt, not so much.

What follows are pictures of me and some of my closest friends throwing each other a beating with sticks. 

I’ll never turn to the dark side!
Spear training. This sucks and makes me wonder why I do it in my spare time. If you’ve ever been hit in the throat with a training spear full force you’ll know where I’m coming from. 
 What you can’t really get a feel for in these pictures is how after 20 minutes of dueling with spears I just want to blow chow through the grill of my helmet.  According to our instructor, there was no crying in medieval Japan so that is right out.
Sword fighting with girls: I guess any time a woman is paying attention to you it’s a good thing. 
At any rate, more tales of high adventure forthcoming!
Semper Fidelis,
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. Pax, I will not compromise my standing in the Jedi Council for mere cookies. Choc chip?

    Magoo, why do think I’m armed in all the pictures?

    CI Roller, a day on the range is always a day well spent.

  2. Naginatas! I’m a little jealous, 1SG. It’s okay, I have aikido and judo to console me.

    Hey, your choice of recreation makes sense to me. Martial arts are my hobby of choice. 🙂

  3. I prefer white chocolate chip cookies. If you have those … where to put my name?!? ^^

    A1S, you were “playing” with something resembling pointed sticks, even edged ones. How counldn’t this be fun and therefor relaxing?

    Well, at least afterwards.

  4. What is with women offering you cookies and home-baked treats? I noticed Kanani did as well on a previous post. How about, I’ve got bamboo poles and four light-sabres, but no game.

    Those outfits look oddly familiar. Is it kendo? If I were more up on family history, I would probably know the answer.

  5. Saker, aikido and judo are fine I suppose. I am just more interested in my opponents bleeding out than tapping out. Glad my off duty habits make sense to someone though.

    Pax, choc covered coffee beans are tasty but in the end are not worth the inevitable decline into the abyss. The Sith are twinkie eating sissy boys!

    Levant, you have it exactly right. Afterwards it seems like all kinds of fun. Bruises look cool it’s just earning them that sucks.

    Spockgirl, I at a loss as much as you. But it is a well documented fact that brownies are my kryptonite. We wear hakama and keiko gi to train in but it is not kendo.

  6. 1st Sgt I’ve notice all boys… at any age… love playing with sticks and spears. Pretty much before you boys walk, you grab a stick to use as a play gun or spear.
    I personally don’t mind. I view this as Zombie Slaying Training, which is always a good thing.
    Spockgirl, I’ve been privy to his ultimate Kryptonite of Cayenne spiced brownies. Yumm Yumm

  7. I go away for a few weeks and all sorts of havoc ensue. Strangely, this just looks like my home once the work and school day are over. I’ve even participated in a little sword-play with both of my boys, though to be honest the swords are foam. We all have a grand time, wind up huffing and puffing on the floor, and I inevitably wind up with a bruise. Sounds like you had a good R&R to me!

  8. I am currently researching a recipe for “Death by Chocolate Brownies with Cream Cheese” I may cross breed them with Spicy Brownies and see what the offspring look (taste)like. 1St Sgt., I’ll be glad to introduce you to them….
    And, why do (other) people think playing with pointy sticks and things that go bang is not normal? It looks perfectly normal to me.

  9. I will admit I am far from normal. There may even be something seriously wrong with me (if you asked my teenager, he would immediately agree). Personally, I think I have more fun. Stay strong and take your fun where you can find it. To heck with everyone else.

  10. “1st Sgt I’ve notice all boys… at any age… love playing with sticks and spears.”

    Too right. I’m still waiting and wishing for phalanx clashes to become a competitive sport at the national level.

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