• April 8, 2010
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We Are The Champions, My Friends!

Just wanted to drop a quick line thanking everyone who supported Castra Praetoria for the 4th Annual 2010 MilBloggie Awards.

In no particular order they are:
Wally at USMC81
Kanani at the Kitchen Dispatch
Tankerbabe at Cow Pastures To Kosovo (who just missed winning her category by a hair)
John at Coffeypot
Amy Sun at Fablab
Tim Baba at Free Range International
Ninja Jim

And finally Taco Bell from Sandgram who endorsed CP despite the notable efforts of his own fan base.Conquering Kokohead with family friends

Guys, you are all the heat!

To everyone who voted for Castra Praetoria,thanks. I guess now I’ll have to actually write some stuff worthy of the award.

Due to some operational commitments, I have to keep this short. I just wanted to acknowledge all the gang who went above and beyond to support the big win.

In closing, I want to recognize the superior Kung Fu of my website admin, Hope. I think she gave herself a skin rash obsessing over this matter and may have even handed over one of her children for scientific experiments. It was probably worth it.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Tankerbabe, again I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

    Becky, I don’t know about deserved but I’ll take what I can get. I have this feeling there are a whole bunch of people starting at this blog going: “Well? Write something already!”

    To all, sorry my presence has been scarce the past day or so but my work schedule is sometimes dictated by people with bad intentions.

  2. Powdergirl, please feel free to blow something up in celebration.

    Garrett, Valkyrie is Hope’s new online handle. I sent her an e-mail from my gov’t computer at work with what I wanted to post. It’s how I posted from Iraq last deployment. We’ve been a little busy operationally the last couple of days so I couldn’t get online myself.

    The first time I read your blog, I knew you had this voice. Actually, it wasn’t so much a voice as it was a grunt set loose by a shout, made raspy by the sand, and probably stifled a bit by brownies.

    Congratulations. May you have many more adventures in writing.

  4. I had had some trouble with some harassment a few weeks back and had to change my user id given I had planned restarting Hope Radio. With a new blog up, I was concerned they would find me again which is a situation I had no interest in dealing with, hence the change in user name. With my blog account now closed permanently now, I can revert back to my regular user id as I will only use it to admin this site.

  5. Leta…you might want at least bread and water it, he and the GWT are going head to head at the moment. One thing I know he would like are some more questions for his Ask America’s 1st Sgt weekly post. The button to the guidelines is there in the middle column of his blog.

    Writing prompts like that are good when he needs to write and is short on time for longer or new concept posts which I know he has, but won’t put up until they are to his liking. So ask away. He enjoys writing those posts,too.

  6. LOL Hope. OK, I caved. I’m eating, drinking and sleeping – well SOME sleeping.

    I was just attempting to “encourage” our dear 1st Sgt. I know he’s busy and his mission comes first. Hate it when work gets in the way of any of us doing things we like better.

    He’s denied my last two “Ask America’s 1st Sgt questions. Granted one deserved to put filed in the round bin beside the desk. *sigh*. I’ll keep trying.

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