Last week some brawlers from the UFC, fighters Kyle Kingsbury, Krysztof Soszynski, and Tom Lawler as well as octagon girls Amber Nichole and Lindsey Way, came by to hang out with the Marines as part of their tour of mid east garden spots. 

Left to right; Krysztof, Tom, Lindsey, and Amber getting ready to sign autographs and such.

Later on in the evening they held an impromptu MMA clinic where good times and arm bars were had by all. That is, the fighters, not the ring girls. Sadly.

Kyle and Krysztof demonstrating…

…going from ground to standing.

A1S not as graceful. Where’s my bayonet?

They demonstrated a few techniques on how to avoid going to the ground, how to get back on your feet, and something evil to do in the event you are unable to get up.

Tom “Filthy” Lawlor.

Krysztof demonstrates how I greeted him earlier in the day.

Kyle Kingsbury conducts some NCO counseling.

“Now, see if you can’t separate his head from his shoulders.”

A1S: “Tomahawks are more expedient.”

After the classroom portion the fighters offered to “roll” with the assembled Marines and Sailors. It was pretty impressive to watch these guys calmly wrestle their way through so many bodies.

Krysztof crushes another soul. Nice shirt though!

“Filthy” reenactes a scene from a prison movie.
Krysztof gives birth to a spider monkey!

In the end a visit well done by the UFC. The Marines had a blast and the fighters were professional as well as just being all around good dudes.

Just another ho-hum day of knuckle draggers thrashing the snot out of each other. Who said beatings don’t improve morale?

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stsgt

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  1. Shipmate, word on the Navy street is that Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski’s fondest dream was to be a Navy Sailor.

    Failing that, he grudgingly accepted his role in the UFC.

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  3. Cormac, Tom Lawlor was hilarious. He walked out on the mat all bowed up and started warming up like a sumo wrester. The Marine for the most part had nothing for them on the ground, but they freely admitted they did NOT want to go bayonet to bayonet with any of us.

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