• May 21, 2009
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The weather is here. I wish it were beautiful…

The end of May is the time of year out here when it is starting to get warm. Well, hot really; but considering what the temperature is going to be like in July and August I like to think that what we have right now is merely warm.

Soon enough the oppressive heat will make a mere walk to the chow hall seem down right volcanic. If you want to know how hot it is here turn on your oven all the way and then stick you head in. To experience Iraqi summer temperatures at home simply climb into an asbestos sleeping bag, have someone ram a flamethrower in one end and let her rip.

There are other interesting weather phenomena occurring at this time as well. On any given day dust devils and high winds are capable of blasting nearly a pound of sand right up your colon. Whirling dust storms lend the area a Mars like atmosphere. This is usually followed by a short rain shower that comes down as a sprinkling of mud.

Last night we had the privilege of experiencing multiple weather phenomena at the same time. Thunder boomed as lighting lit up the sky like day. Wind gusts sand blasted buildings stripping the paint clean off. Rain sounded like marbles hammering the roof coloring everything in a light muddy brown. Remarkably, the temperature remained constant and going out the door that morning felt like stepping right into a blowing hair dryer.

Even more remarkable is that despite the fact I am in a combat zone, the most interesting thing I have to talk about is the weather.

What’s up with that?

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  1. Here’s hoping my son in the north (camping out next to his LAV in a hole in the ground) didn’t have the same storm you had! And yes, it is good to have nothing more interesting than the weather to talk about. Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Come home soon. (As I always sign off with my son!)

  2. Then that’s a good thing.

    But I suppose as a soldier, just as with a man, action makes things more interesting.


    Take care of yourself.

  3. Is that place really on our planet?

    Well, 1st Sgt Snape, it appears to be the perfect climate for your Rhodesian Ridgeback…

    AND you could keep your dragon slaying skills up during your down time… 🙂

  4. Red, yes, yes, I know. But still. We’re all hot blooded American boys who came over here to punch the jihad in the eye. Sigh.

    Mendon Foodie, with the weather here you never know. At least if your son is in the northern part of Iraq it is cooler there. Here I keep looking up expecting to see a giant magnifiying glass aimed at me.

    T, you remind me of one of my favorite movie lines from The Princess Bride; “We are men of action; lies do not become us.”

    Sarge, YES I KNOW! I know the best deployment is the one where you bring everyone home. I’ve even said that here. I just want to get after some bad guys. That IS why we are out here, yes?

    J, 1stSgt Snape? I’m always ready to slay a dragon or thwart a villian. But when there aren’t any…

  5. Oh, 1st Sgt! You crazy young Marines… all blood and guts, take the fight to the enemy… sigh. Be patient! Your time will come. (geez, I sounded just like a mom right then)

  6. HAHA…I thought you were being a smart a** and talking about the dragon.
    But you were talking about the Rhodesian Ridgeback
    d o g.

    I ‘dog sat’ for one of them. He opened my pantry and ate a loaf of bread. I think he actually made a PB&J, come to think of it. Very big, smart dogs.

    I still think a dragon would be a better pet for you…

  7. Top,
    In 2005 I was able to come home on leave from OIF 3. I picked up a digital temp thing that the camping store here sold to back packers. I took it back to the Sand Pit. I clipped it onto my uniform one after noon whilst walking to the mess hall. The digital thing last showed 116 before it went black. It never worked again after that. POS civilain crap.
    But what I could never understand is…why when we were waiting to get on a nice USMC CH 53 one sunny afternoon…they made us and the Marines wait in the path of the exhaust….Now that was like being in an oven with a flame thrower spewing on you at the same time. One of my kids said: “This is hot.”
    I just looked at him and was speechless….”no shit” I thought.
    What most people here don’t understand is…IRAQ sucks even if there wasn’t a war going on there.
    No wonder all the males are pissed off: It’s 120 F, there’s no beer, they don’t have running water,no A/C, they have 2 wives bitching at them with 25 kids, and they have to beat their heads on the ground 5 times a day to pray.

    Now take a place like Bosnia…that was a lovely place…if you watched out for the random land mines.

  8. CI Roller, that looks like sound logic to me. It reminds me of the first time we landed in Kuwait at midnight. It was baking hot and one of the Marines said, “Man that prop blast is hot.” I reminded him that we were no where near a plane. “This isn’t prop blast; is Kuwait stud.”

    Southern, now imagine wearing 100lbs of equipment and running for 2 hours to distrupt a possible sniper’s aim. Extreme weather conditions are why we invented “in doors”.

  9. I’m sending you a virtual cocktail with a fancy umbrella and a swimming pool for you to jump into.

    I’ve linked this over to my blog.

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