The Season of Christmapocalypse!

It is the second of December and I just want to remind everyone to remain vigilaint so as to not be consumed by the denizens of the season.

I also want to point out I have received ZERO recipes as per my post last month on the subject. This doesn’t hurt my feelings by any means.  However, I reserve the right to point and laugh next time I get an e-mail from someone wanting to guest blog about cooking when it doesn’t involve a flame thrower.

In the meantime, as is our tradition at the Camp of the Praetorians, some zombie stuff…

U.S. Marines have proven 100% effective in the containment and elimination of zombie outbreaks. There will never be a movie made about it as the entire film would last a whole ten minutes.

Hat tip to my shipmate over at The Mellow Jihadi

More Christmapocalyptic posts to follow.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Been meaning to ask you…

    Have you read Monster Hunter Alpha yet?

    It’s got werewolf zombies. Or, maybe they were zombie werewolves?


  2. Forgot:

    In re: the cooking thing.

    I learned to cook by heating up C-Rats.

    If it’s in a can, I can heat it up real good. Otherwise, I’m lost.

    Oh yeah, this too… Some things in a can are better if you add cheese, some are better if you keep the cheese out of it.

    That’s it. The entire sum of my cookery skills.

    Additional Oh yeah… Hot sauce. Gots to have that hot sauce.


    PS. Besides, cooking is a woman thing, aint it?

  3. Thanks for the linkage Zombie-kiler. . .No recipes over here, ‘cept for coffee. Which is: get Keurig thingee. Put in Keurig machine. Push button. Drink coffee!

  4. Pax, keep that horrid concoction Down Under where it was spawned! Are you trying to start plague epidemic or something?

    Grimmy, I break werewolves and vampires over my knee like so much kindling. As a bachelor, I am a great admirer of woman things and appreciate a well cooked meal no matter who prepares it.

    NavyOne, drinking coffee straight from the machine again? Naval savage!

  5. Top,
    You’ll be happy to know that I am now training good citizens to engage Zombies with firearms.
    For the advanced shooters, I make sure they can get effective shots into the BHG (Brain Housing Group) to ensure distruction.

  6. I haven’t forgotten, in fact every day, when I cook for my heathens meals, I think “What Zombie body part does that look like?” Then I think, I can’t ship it =(

    Tonight I did make some Cheesy breadsticks from scratch with Cayenne pepper in them, I think they could be Zombie fingers if I added a sliver of almond for a fingernail. Just not sure on the best way to ship it though ;(

  7. CI Roller, and when you say Brain Housing do they look at you funny? Of all the great ways to say “head” I think Brain Housing Group has always been my favorite.

    Kristina, it’s cool. That post was aimed at particular folks who wanted to guest blog about recipes. Basically they sent mass e-mails out hoping for a response. I sent mine and haven’t heard a peep.

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