The price of doing business

“It’s not personal, it’s just business.” More often than not this term is used as an excuse to conduct business like an oaf. I’ve always been of the opinion that after a butt chewing, no matter which end of it I was on, the matter was settled and vocal operations could continue as normal.

As a company 1stSgt I was in the battalion SgtMaj’s office once when we got into a heated debate about some work-related issue involving Marine stuff. I can’t remember what we were arguing about, but when two bulls refusing to yield square off, it can get lively.

Walls shook as the rolling thunderheads of our disagreement collided. Windows rattled and the ambient temperature began to rise. The air became so thick with profanity paint started peeling off the walls.

I’m not exactly sure who won the argument in the end, but I know I was right. As I was readying for a dynamic exit the SgtMaj growled at me one more time.

“You coming over for dinner tonight or what?”

“YES!” I stormed back to my office.

At dinner the SgtMaj told me the battalion executive officer stopped by his office soon after we were done throwing furniture to ask if everything was okay.

“I thought I was going to have to come in an break you two up,” he said.

The SgtMaj was nonplussed: “Why? We were just working.”

Semper Fidelis!

America’s SgtMaj


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