The New Face {and body} of Marine PT!

This weeks Marine Corps Times had an interesting article about physical training on the front page.  When reading this publication you must always remember it is no way endorsed or supported by the Marine Corps so keep that in mind. I actually have no idea what the article says or who the woman is in the picture.

A Marine from my old rifle company in 3/3 took exception to this Times cover and decided to take action. The Corps did not need a new face {or body} to represent physical training. It already had the perfect specimen! Ten minutes with photoshop and voila!

Yours truly banging out L shape pull ups in Karmah, Iraq.

Of course, no one wants to hear what I have to say about being fit for combat. Probably because the body builder in the previous photo has more experience than I do running around in 120 degree desert heat with 100lbs of gear on.  Anyway, I thought the photoshop job was hilarious and had to share.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj  

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  1. SMG, One thing I missed about the Regular Army days– doing PT every morning. When we did the run, we never knew where we’d go…being that we were in “West” Berlin, we could only run so far. Somedays we ran right by the East German guard towwers just to show them how badass we were.

  2. Lin, I suspect it has more to do with diet than time spent in the gym.

    I wonder what Pauline’s rifle score is?

    CI Roller, in Bahrain there are only 44 acres of base to run on. So we have to get creative.

    Leslie, what does that have to do with L-shape pull ups? Get on board here!

  3. Good looking fit women make the case that good looking fit women and good looking fit women. Not sure where the Corps goes with this. Hollywood? But clearly the science of human fitness is heading in the direction of more focused bodyweight control/maneuver abilities of elite gymnasts, which lends itself to greater equality between the genders. Not sure where the idea of lugging 100 pounds of gear plays into it. Maybe a revisit is called for, and the idea that lugging loads, while important for some occupations, gets downplayed for others, where bodyweight control is the better measure. Great blog, just discovered it. I served in the mid-80s.

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