The Marine Breed

Valor comes in many forms. We teach our Marines physical courage pales in comparison to moral courage. I came across an article featuring Marines who have displayed both. In the Corps we like to boast we return better citizens back to society than when we got them. The video and article below proves Gabe Martinez and Cameron West are just that. I dare say they may have done more for America visiting hospitals in Boston than many of us ever did on active duty.

A friend remarked to me once his observation wasn’t the Marine Corps always created a certain type of person. Often certain types of people are simply attracted to the Marines. A case in point is the story of Ron Brassard and Rob Wheeler.  Wheeler used his own t-shirt as a tourniquet on Brassard’s leg at the scene of the bombing. Wheeler graduates from college this May and aims to join the Corps. Sound like our kind of candidate to me. 

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“Old breed? New breed? There’s not a damn bit of difference so long as it’s the Marine breed.” – Chesty Puller USMC
Semper Fidelis!
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  1. My son learned the other day that a kid with whom he plays soccer has a father who is a former Marine who fought in Iraq. My son had been kind of “meh” about the kid. Now, just through association with a Marine, that kid shot up in my son’s estimation. You guys have some powerful Marine juju going on there.

  2. Great blog post!

    And Thanks(?) Grimmy – I now have a mental image of them having to redub Marine Gandalf’s bridge instructions to the PC version of “Fly you Fools”

    [vowing to never meddle in the affairs of marines, for they are unsubtle and quick to ninja]

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