The Dangers Of Bored LCpls

It is an unfortunate reality that among our own ranks is the occasional evil doer who needs to be dealt with according to the rules and articles governing the uniform code of military justice. Sometimes this person isn’t necessarily bad just extremely stupid. On occasion these villains are incarcerated in the brig awaiting trial,  separation, or other forms of righteous justice.

Though incarcerated in the brig, these individuals still need basic medical services and whatnot. In order to ensure they make their appointments, the unit who owns the offender assigns two Marines to “chase” the inmate. These are known as chasers and despite the name the intent is not to end up in pursuit of a fleeing inmate.

Case in point, recently chasers from the Black Sheep squadron were escorting a detainee to an appointment on base. The Chasers unshackled their charge who went in to his appointment while they waited by the front desk. Seated in the lounge area, one of the Chasers grew bored. He decided to practice his hand cuffing technique by applying the restraints to himself.

It turns out our hero had so mastered the fine art of shackling that he was unable to remove them even with the key.  His partner in crime was also unsuccessful in taking them off. Eventually they had to call the Provost Marshall’s Office to get someone to come remove the shackles.

When asked why he allowed his partner to mess around with the restraints, the other Marine responded that he had no idea what his buddy was up to because he was Facebooking on his phone. Apparently attention to detail and vigilance were not part of the chaser’s course.

Suffice it to say PMO relieved them of all power and authority as  chasers relieved. We also revoked their license to practice brain surgery.

Just another ho-hum day keeping the world safe for democracy.

Semper Fidelis!

America’s SgtMaj

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    1. Once upon a time I sent an idiot to jail. He was accompanied by two Staff Sergeants on a series of Air Force flights and bus rides. Somehow, after less than 24 hours in transit they arrived at the Long Binh Jail. One sheepish NCO messaged back that somehow their prisoner had managed to lose both of his pairs of boots and the jail would not accept him without his basic-issue clothing. It seemed the only solution was to send the Master Sergeant off with two pairs of boots to relieve and retrieve the Staff Sergeants. If only I’d had a few Lance Corporals to do the job right in the first place.

    2. Like bored puppies, bored Lance Corporals are apt to do wildly unexpected things that are amusing only in distant hindsight.

    3. That’s why all good Maintenance Chiefs keep a spoon and many pad-eyes on the flight line ready to clean. Had many qualify for this specialty. MAWTS-1 Aircraft Maint Chief 1991-1994. Good Stuff!-Semper Fi – JJ

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