The big reveal!

Not that it’s a major secret but on Friday I officially take over as I&I SgtMaj for 3d Battalion, 25th Marines in Ohio.

I & Uh?

Reserve units have Inspector and Instructor staff who are active duty type ninjas to, well, inspect and instruct the battalion.  The Reserve side of the house is a whole different monster than the active duty side so it will be an interesting duty to say the least.

So just to clear things up for those who I have lost. No, I did not join the Reserves.

If the battalion seems familiar to it may be because they made the news back in 2005. Here’s a short clip about a documentary made about that deployment.

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. SGM,
    I think I know where Ohio is….I think I had to drive through it to get somewhere else.
    Reminds me of one of the old cops I worked with (He retired) he did 2 tours in Nam and when he came home they put him incharge of a reserve unit. It drove him nuts…(in those days lots of people joined the reserves and guard to avoid going to war- now it doesn’t matter.)
    Watchout with reserves, I hear a lot of them are cops in thier normal jobs.
    Good luck!

  2. A long, long time I ago, I made my one and only visit to Ohio, to a suburb near Cleveland. I was deeply impressed by the natural beauty there, which was especially rich because I got there in October, in time to see the autumn colors. It’s a lovely part of the world. I wish you many happy days there, and the full enjoyment of your new assignment.

  3. Congrats SgtMaj! I served on I&I with L/3/23 and had a great experience with them. The only thing that was negative were the reoccuring casualty notifications and funerals, for prior service Marines and those dying on active duty. Over all, good men and worth every minute. Good luck and enjoy!!

  4. Having been a reservist I think (and hope) you will be impressed with the professionalism of the Reserve Marine. I know our artillery unit could shoot. All we did was shoot or PM the weapons so we could shoot.

    I hope you like it there. Well other than the land locked Ohio bit.

  5. Fact: 24 of America’s astronauts came from Ohio.

    What is it about Ohio that makes people want to flee the earth?

    LOL Enjoy your tour.

  6. Hey, i know two things about Ohio: it was the start point of the US Public Land Survey System in 18-hundred-and-flumblemumble, and Paul Newman was from there.

    So, is your new office door as noteworthy as the last? If not, how can we make it so?

  7. CI Roller, from what I understand many of them are cops in their day jobs. What do I have to watch out for?

    Book, the area is great! The other day I was walking around some of the neighborhoods smelling the freshly mowed lawns. Mowing the lawn might be a pain in the rear to some but it smelled like home to me. Especially after all this time in the desert.

    Anonymous One, casualty notifications have been going down thankfully as we have been wrapping up the conflict(s). Still do quite a bit of funerals for the old timers though.

    Okie, by and large Reservists I have worked with have been pretty good. I’ve never been immersed in their world like this though. It will be somewhat of a cultural shock I’m sure.

    MSgt B, not sure. So far it’s a pretty great place. I’ll ask though!

    be603, Marine Week is June 11-17 in Cleveland this year. I’ll let you know how many say that.

    Magoo, I officially take over Friday. No noteworthy door art as yet. I do still have my hippies sign though.

  8. Best of luck to ya Michael as the 3/23 Master Mentor. Ohio is the heartland, but always remember where you come from and don’t let the locals forget it.

  9. America’s SgtMaj.:

    Best of luck to you in the new assignment. I’m sure that you will do your usual outstanding job of work there.


  10. Best of luck with the new position!

    And if you find yourself in need of any “Comfort Food” – do let us know (snack packs are not just for the deployed)



  11. Zoldarmy, I think I’m a bit too loud for anyone to forget where I’m coming from. Thanks!

    Paul, Thanks. This will be a new type of beast to tackle so we’ll see how it goes.

    Pax, I’m in the LAND of comfort food. Though I may request musk sticks in the event I decide to use them for disciplinary action.

  12. My little bro went USMC reserve. I used to give him grief about it. My defense is, I was young and more stupider.

    It took me awhile to figure things out. In the reserve, there’s no one to make a Marine get off his arse an PT every day. There’s no one to thunk him on the back of the head to remind him to get a haircut. Etc and so on.

    Little brother manage to hold a full time job, put himself through college *and* keep up with his reserve duties.

    On the training side…
    Most of our training in the active Corps tended toward cleaning up stuff and avoiding work parties.

    One area where active duty training trumped reserve is in playing Spades. I will always be better than him at that.

    Seems to me, now that I’m older and a bit less stupider, that being a reserve Marine takes a lot more self discipline than it does when a Marine is up to his eyeballs in Marine Life on a daily basis.

    – Grimmy

  13. You know SGM, one of your sister services has a very large/nice museum in Ohio.

    While I know it is not Marine Air Museum, it is still pretty cool! Hope you have a chance to visit it!

  14. My friend, LCPL Castleberry was attached to 3/25 as a sniper when he was KIA on 1 Aug 2005. The papers often mistakenly listed him as an Ohio Marine when he was actually a Texas Marine (a fact that would have burned him up in life). It seems from what you’re saying that being mistaken for being an Ohioan might not be so bad (though it doesn’t compare to being a Texan.) Take care of those Marines, SgtMaj. We hope to never lose so many in one fell swoop again.

  15. Kanani, too late!

    Anonymous One, two of 3/25’s companies are from other states; New York and Pennsylvania. I met a gold star mother yesterday when I was visiting Weapons Company in Columbus. She and her family are from New Jersey and it was the first time she was able to visit the memorial at the Weapons Co office. My feeling is Ohio has its arms firmly around all its Marines no matter where they are from.

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