Super Rabbit 1943, featuring a real super hero.

For your Saturday morning entertainment I present an old Warner Brothers cartoon starring Bugs Bunny from way back in 1943.  This was a time when your military were still the good guys and were actually lauded by the media. Enjoy the cartoon because you won’t see anything like this made in modern times. For my money the really good part starts at 7:30.

Enjoy your Saturday!
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. 1. The news articles have nothing to do with (then) Corporal Meyer’s actions at Ganjgal in September of 2009.
    2. The young man made serious enemies during civilian employment at a later time.
    3. The McClatchy articles are a portion of his enemies’ response.
    4. This is a battle that the young man is not equipped to fight.
    5. The Commandant’s endorsement of the validity of the award is virtually all he can do.
    6. The best advice anyone can give Mr. Meyer is to not engage in any activity that these guys can find out about and use against him. As his loans are recalled, his credit rating tanks, IRS announces an audit and he notices that the local authorities are keeping an eye on him, he needs to remain steadfast.
    7. This is a pretty common occurrence in DC and NY.
    8. Am not used to seeing their wrath directed at young heroes.
    9. Our establishment at work, eh?
    V/R JWest

  2. As we were driving along today, my 12 year old son, out of the blue, asked me, “Mommy, why are the Marines always the bad guys in movies?”

    Let me repeat that: Out of the blue. He hadn’t been reading my blog or yours, nor had I been fulminating about Hollywood hostility. My 12 year old, who’s very fond of the military, noticed this all on his own.

    Kind of makes me glad that he and his friends are happier playing COD than watching movies. At least playing COD they develop an appreciation for the military and what our troops do.

  3. To keep things in a bit of perspective…

    Our “news media” started out as agitators’ pamphleteers. The ones we remember were on the new borning America side, the ones we forget were on the loyalists’ side.

    Sometime after that, it turned into yellow journalism.

    Sometime in the 20s to 30s, it turned into “lets all get behind the new fascist ideal! Big Gov can fix everything! Chickens and pots, donchu know?” And, at the same time, was developing a looong love affair with the glorious Soviet. John “Jack” Reed, Durant and other fellow travelers started making their bones as “journalists” using American print “news” to spew Soviet propaganda.

    Also, largely due to the news media of the day, the early phases of WW2 was “none of our affair” up until the the day Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back and launched Barbarossa. Then, all the sudden, it became “the good war”. Pearl Harbor didn’t start the media from agit proping for US entry. It simply sealed the deal with the general citizenry.

    During the war, one of W. R. Hearst’s “journalists” got wind of the US having broken the IJN codes. Hearst, himself, gave the ok for it to be published, on the “citizens need to know” reasoning. He damned near got hanged for it, but the powers that be figured the best way to get past the leak was to do nothing and thereby discredit the leaked news.

    There never really was a Golden Age of news. It’s just gone bad in many different ways through the ages.

    Hollywood was different. But, it too fell over time to the constant efforts to rot and erode from within.


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