Storytelling with pictures

A tale of riot control training with the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams from my days as a 1stSgt.

The phalanx.

The usual suspects.
The approach and posture.
The fin stabilized response.
Inert OC spray for training.
It tastes like the real thing!
The run-away technique.
Rioters break out their own ammo.
Sacrificing the body.
The soft line collects an ‘injured’ protestor.
Taunting the throwing.
The 1stSgt steps out of character for a moment: “Hey dumb ass, put your face shield down!”
The charge …
… closing …
This is what happens to over zealous role players who try to fight the odds. Notice the Marine fire team beating the snot out of the individual. No such thing as a one man gang.
More melee!
Action on the front lines.
Sometimes it sucks to play the bad guy.
America’s 1stSgt is cuffed and stuffed. I did not resist.
And as a result got off relatively light…
…unlike this jackass.

No actual Marines were hurt during this exercise.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. You know? This wouldn’t be hard to turn into a competitive sport.

    It could become very popular in the Corps.

    – Grimmy

  2. No Marines got hurt? Impossible.

    Back in the old Corps (1988) our unit PT was resulting in way too many injuries so the boss got one of those big push balls that are supposed to encourage fun and non-competetive play in grade school kids.

    A broken leg and a lot of facial contusions, first time out.

  3. I wanted to add — I’m doing a presentation on the measles outbreak next week and I need a really good photo of how vaccines work.

    That one of you being cuffed and stuffed should do the trick…

  4. I used to see the FAST guys doing stuff when I was at NAVCENT and thought that if you ever asked, you would’ve easily recruited bored staff officers to be the bad guys.


    Maybe twice.

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