Stand by for action!

At the moment I am settling into my new digs here in the home of the brave. In the meantime, stay tuned for a return to regular scheduled programing of swashbuckling, ninja assassins, and apocalyptic gunslinging adventure. No really, I’m still here alive and free of plague infection.

Artist’s rendition of America’s SgtMaj greeting his new neighbors.

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Free of infection?

    Uh huh.

    Seems I’ve seen many a zombie show where the recently infected always make a point of saying they’re just fine… not infected at all.

    Now all’s we need is to designate the first victim. You know, the one that goes to investigate that strange noise in the other room down the hall.

    Then, one of the female readers gets picked to be the one that trips and falls while fleeing the sudden monster appearance.

    I think we have a solid movie plot here.

    Oh, wait. There’s the obligatory impaling scene to work in too. Gotta decide which form. Should it be a fall from a height onto something on the ground or get shoved against something protruding from a wall or some random bit of farm machinery?

    The impaling scene needs to be fully worked out. I suggest a committee of former impaling scene writers. This could make or break the awards bid for the show.


  2. I’m PCSing this month, too. Looking forward to spreading chaos in another AO!

    Best of luck, SGM. Your new unit will have no idea what hit them…

  3. Okie, yes I am able.

    Grimmy, if I’m to be impaled on screen I want it to be with nothing less than a tomahawk missile.

    Kanani, uh?

    Coffey, it’s an “artists rendition.” You know those artists don’t know anything.

    Lin, that would require something resembling “work” and as we all know, Weapons Company isn’t into that so much.

    Saker, good luck at your new duty station! Where are you headed?

    Magoo, I don’t tease but I felt I had to do something.

  4. “…that would require something resembling “work” and as we all know, Weapons Company isn’t into that so much.”

    Hey now! I resembled that remark!

    It isn’t (or in my case, wasn’t) our fault if we are (or again, were) smart enough, better looking enough, wise enough, mighty enough and gosh dang it, all ’round wonderful enough to realize that actual work was what 0311s were made for, is it (or… was it?)?

    – Grimmy

    PS. Dragons Forever!
    Stupid Commandant wouldn’t ever let us even fire our dang missiles! Too expensive he said. I never even met a 0352 that had fired a live round.

  5. Loosen up lubbers. The Sergeant Major is obviously constrained by OPSEC from letting on where he’s setting up camp. He’s gotta hit his new job with maximum surprise to have the desired effect (a new SGM is pretty scary on a slow Monday morning). He’s also got to make sure his perimeter is secure – lest we send him a few litters of Irish Setter puppies as a welcoming present.
    – Zoldarmy

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