Speech writing 101

Some video showing TacoBell of the Sandgram accepting the Milbloggie on my behalf. He is seen here reading an acceptance letter allegedly written by me. Anyone who knows me can testify that my bellowing is far more articulate and doesn’t require a microphone.


Thanks to Tankerbabe for sending me the link and to TacoBell for the home run at the conference. Time for me to gallantly ride into the sunset while my fifteen minutes are still running.

America’s 1stSgt
Dragons Slain
Maidens Rescued
Villains Thwarted
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  1. 1stSgt,

    Congrats on your win! I’m the guy that should have blogged about the video and sent Taco the link, but other things distracted me from that duty this weekend. Could you send me an email? I assume you can see the email account attached to my Google account I’m using to comment. I have an e-vil plan that I would like to incorporate you into. *grin*

    Semper Fi,

  2. Powdergirl, that is a photo of me riding a pony on the Mongolian steppe. Mongolian ponies aren’t big but they sure conquered the snot out of a lot of folks.

    Red, Taco doesn’t do too bad for an air winger. Ha-ha!

    Marcus, for whatever reason I can’t access your profile but you can drop me a line by clicking on the Ask America’s 1stSgt link or on my name in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Homework for you followers and lurkers. Locate, close with, and read Fix Bayonets! & Salt Winds and Gobi Dust both by John W Thomason USMC. Required reading for those who would understand Marines.

  4. Taco’s awesome. And a riot. And a darn cool guy. And a closet comedian. And an EXCELLENT Elvis impersonator (outta see the wedding video). And…well, guess you get the picture. Shocking for a Marine to have so many endearing qualities don’t cha think? 🙂

    So happy he accepted for you Michael. He and his mom are huge fans now. Great folks. As I mentioned to you in an email, I cannot wait for the day that you and Taco are in the same room together. Just hope I get to witness that event. Probably worthy of selling tickets for the entertainment factor.

    Ride on McDuff

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