Sexual Assault Revisited

You probably heard the collective face palm of the entire American armed forces when it was announced LtCol Jeff Krusinski, OIC of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention program, was arrested for groping a woman.  As we brace ourselves for more classes and Uniform Victim Advocate phone drills which will inevitably follow, I would remind everyone Marines actually do take this issue very seriously. Despite what media outlets and opportunistic politicians looking for a sound bite may try leading you to believe, I’d have to say there isn’t a Marine within my sphere of influence who thinks their leadership will tolerate such conduct.  

Instead of rehashing my thoughts on sexual assault, prevention, and misconceptions about the military, I direct you to a number of links to posts I have written on the subject over the past couple of years.

In June, 2011 I attended a leadership seminar on sexual assault prevention. Here is the article I wrote following the seminar: Thoughts On Sexual Assault Prevention.

In July of 2011 I posted a follow up article on Dr. Berkowitz’s response to my e-mail concerning the seminar: More Thoughts On Sexual Assault Prevention.

After Liz Trotta made some dumb remarks concerning sexual assault in the military I had this to say in February 2012: What did they expect?

The following March, a New York Times article set me off: Debunking lies about the military.

In 2012 I also was asked to instruct a self defense class as part of the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions sexual assault prevention program. I would like to think I made a positive impact: Self Defense Series, Self Defense Series IISelf Defense Series III.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. ASM, I used to tell my male Soldiers: “Treat everybody as a SOLDIER. Think how you’d want your sister, mother or wife treated if she was in this unit. Now, for you rednecks, forget what I said, ’cause I know you guys go to family reunions to meet girls…so don’t mess with other Soldiers, or we’ll have a chat out behind the motor pool. Any questions? Now get out there and find bad guys.”

  2. I’ve always thought I’d want my sister, mom, wife, daughter to be treated better than other people so I never used that line of thinking. If Marines maintain the standard they get treated like Marines. I have found though, calling female Marines girls names doesn’t quite have the same impact.

  3. 1. The military takes the business of preventing sex crimes very seriously indeed.
    2. You can read the statistics in several ways: the military is either a sexist hellhole or safer than comparable segments of civilian society (which is cold comfort to a female victim).
    3. The issue being revisited at this time is not accidental.
    4. Unfortunately, welfare of female soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines ranks pretty low on the list of reasons therefor.
    5. Would not get wrapped around the axle over any criticisms of the military that pop up at this particular time.
    6. More cold comfort: after they’ve trashed you, ruined your life or sent you to war with your ass hanging out a mile, you’ll be told: “It’s just politics.”
    V/R JWest

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