Semper Fi Cleveland!

Marine Week Cleveland 2012 may have been one of the most positive experiences of my career. Although the conduct and professionalism of our Marines were a factor, I can honestly attribute our success to the enthusiasm and support of the people of Cleveland and surrounding communities. You guys are the greatest!

As someone who has spent fifteen out twenty years of service overseas, it was great to be back in the United States when I checked in to 3d Battalion 25th Marines back in May. Even before Marine Week began I was blown away by the support of the community for their military and the amount of love and fidelity the people of this area have invested in us.  It was a real privilege to showcase the Marine Corps for its citizens and provide a return on their investment.

Throughout Marine Week itself I couldn’t even walk a block without someone wanting to shake my hand, slap me on the back, or take a picture.  One night a young gentleman asked how I liked Cleveland. “You guys are great!” I responded truthfully. “Well, you guys are better,” was his reply. I couldn’t disagree more with that assessment.

Let me say to the people of Cleveland, your Marines are great only because they come from great communities like this one. We are a cross section of extraordinary people like yourselves. Over 9,300 Marines currently serving hail from the Buckeye state and I think that is a testament to your faithfulness and character as citizens.

In the four years the Corps has been doing Marine Week you provided the largest crowds to date. Over 80,000 people attended the MAGTF demonstration over two days. Marine Night at Progressive Field enjoyed larger crowds than opening day. Your participation in events surrounding Marine Week are what made it the success it was.

Though Marine Week has come to a conclusion and many of the Marines are moving on, Cleveland’s own 3d Battalion, 25th Marines remains in Brook Park. We are more excited than ever to be a part of this outstanding community.  You are not strangers to us. We’ll be seeing you around.
Clevelanders should be as proud of their city as they are of their Marines. You have been awesome hosts and steadfast friends to us. Thanks for giving us something worth fighting for.

Semper Fidelis!
Sergeant Major Mike Burke
Inspector & Instructor SgtMaj
3rd Battalion, 25th Marines

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  1. Your attitude toward your new duty station has greatly changed from the day you walked into the snow and cold. What a culture change for the better. Glad you got to experience it, Mike.

  2. Coffey, you insinuate I had poor attitude to begin with. This is a false insinuation. I haven’t experienced a winter here yet so my attitude could still go in the crapper once it gets cold though.

  3. SGM,
    15 of 20 years overseas? Wow…but when I think back, of my active duty time, the only time I was in the states was for training…. I’m pretty sure if I’d done all my 20 plus years on active duty, I would have always asked to be sent anywhere overseas.
    Keep them them kids going.

  4. Glad you had such a great turn out. Ohio is the heart of America and Clevelanders love a gathering of the clans, so to speak. Now you need to organize a zombie run sponsored by the 325.

    Because if you are going to fit in with Clevelanders, you have to understand that we are in constant competition with Pittsburg. We need to go bigger and better. Period. See you soon!

  5. Hey you guys were great during Marine week. I’m a clevelander . . .

    So I saw you on the Tribe game – is Katie Witham as cute in person as she is on TV?

  6. Stasi, great seeing you guys the other night!

    Anonymous Clevelander, Katie was a lot of fun. We had to tape that bit about three times to get it to fit into the time slot allotted. She was getting a little nervous about it but I assured her we would make it work.

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