Sand dunes, guns, and Marines. Oh my!


During the past couple of weeks FAST Company has been waist deep in multiple exercises, missions, operations, maiden rescuing and such. These include exercise Native Fury and Eagle Resolve. Both of these events involve bilateral training with Bahrain and Kuwaiti armed forces . In our case we get to sweat out in the desert with the Bahrain and Kuwait Marine Corps.

The MOUT training facility in southern Bahrain. Not a bad joint to train in.

Nothing like tent living in the 116 degree heat. Ahhh…paradise!

Because a day on the range is never time wasted.

During the night shoot portion a wall of sand blew in knocking over porta-johns and blasting the Bahrain Marines tent right into the ground. Some the Marines are still digging sand out of their ears.

During all this we still are conducting our port security missions. Why? Because evil doers need to be reminded that there are better ways to spend their time, that’s why.

I’ll try to post something with more flavor later on in the week. Someone I know said you all might forgive my tardiness in the interests of national security.
Definitely will have more pictures later.

Semper Fi!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Forgiven this time. Also throwing in a little praying that you get to keep what shelter you have in place and the sand out of your ears.

  2. **Sand in ears…
    Thumping side of head
    **Crud around eyes…
    No, I’m NOT crying
    Sand-mud clinging to teeth
    **Scratchin Ass…
    Sand fallin from crack
    **116 degree heat…
    Instant sauna in leather boots
    De-hydrating with the breeze against the back
    **Unfamiliar Bugs…
    Now pets

    Yep! Tent livin in the desert.
    Ain’t it GRAND.

    **Port Security…
    Jumpin in the Salty Ocean just to remove 3/4 of the sand that you brought with you.

    The life of a Deployed Marine ;D

    Take Care…Stay safe.

    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

    BTW…??? Mad because you haven’t posted in awhile ??? Not me. Just waitin for when you have time.

  3. At least its keeping your lads busy… Less hell-raisin in manama and fewer headaches for A1S when your ninjas are occupied? Stay safe and keep your head down 😉

  4. Top,
    As I looked at these digital images, I had a flash back to when I was in Kuwait…that was the only place I hated more than Iraq…it was like the place to go to just before going to Hell!

    Be safe, the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war!

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