Rock stars!

Friday I took a couple of ninjas to do a photo shoot for this morning’s edition of the Sunday Plain Dealer.

Some of you may recognize the handsome profile featured here.

The Plain Dealer has faithfully been running a lot of stories about Marines for Marine Week. Check out the link here to read what they have in the special section for today. Stayed tuned for more news items as they happen.

One of my Sergeants looking sharp on the special section of today’s paper.

Best front page photo EVER!

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Oh very Nice!

    Are you going to be issuing a signed glossy 10×10 of these for all your adoring fans?

    Or perhaps putting the photo on a Tshirt?

    who never did manage to obtain a F.A.S.T. Company T

  2. SgtMaj, I know that sword is only supposed to reach your ear lobe when properly fitted, oh the shame.. Just kidding, lookin good brother, but I don’t think I will need it on a Tshirt. 🙂 Hope all is well, have a blast on I&I you deserve the break.

  3. Erika, not so sure of the truth of that concerning fame. 🙂

    Pax, coffee mugs first, then the clothing line.

    Olea, that sword was so long I was holding it by the blade in the photo. I couldn’t even get it in my shoulder ha!

  4. You move into my town and within a few weeks you are on the front page of the paper… Damn, you are the man.

  5. Well my LtCol has been on nearly every TV station so my fame pales in comparison. He gave me so much grief about the front page I’ve had to remind him he is a total camera whore.

  6. Great pictures. I was amusing myself trying to imagine a similar photo spread in the San Francisco Chronicle or the Marin Independent Journal. I have a fertile imagination, but still can’t quite summon up those images.

    Cleveland is lucky to have the Marines and the Marines are lucky to have Cleveland.

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