Been kinda busy lately, but in support of Kanani over at the Kitchen Dispatch and some of our Army brethren, you should go see this film.

Check it out here.

“But 1stSgt, they’re Army and you rarely have anything nice to say about them.”

True, but they’re Americans and were out there kicking the tail out of the Forces of Evil so I am on board. Any problems with that?

I didn’t think so.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Top,
    There have been a few times in the History of the US where the Marines and the Army have had to play together. We don’t often admit it, and if a citizen were to ask, we’d never admit it.
    But hell, the 1st Mar Div did give my team and me ammo in Fallujah–after the friggen’ Army forgot.
    I will always love the Marines for that and do anything I can to help any Marine I ever see in need.

  2. I’m reading “War”. It’s very eye-opening…
    I’d love to support the movie as well, but we don’t have movie theaters out here in the desert. Just live action…we make our own movies.

    Seriously, I want to see it…I’ll find it somewhere. One of my adopted soldiers was from the 503rd in the Korengal.

  3. Hey, thanks for this!
    I just got off the road taking Restrepo for screenings at Ft. Benning and also Ft. Campbell. It’s been an incredible ride with the Filmmaker and SGM LaMonta Caldwell (who is in the documentary).

    One thing about this film is that it’s small and independently produced. Tim & Sebastian funded the whole thing, and fortunately Nat Geo came along to distribute it. It’s playing in over 70 theaters. While this is very small time in comparison to big Hollywood blockbusters, it is only in many of these markets because supporters –both civilian and military alike, have cajoled and convinced local theater owners.

    If you go to the Facebook Page (Restrepo Movie), you can find a list of theaters where it’s showing, and also learn how to bring it to your town.

    We want civilians who never think about the war to see it too. One thing about Restrepo is that it isn’t an expose, nor is it a bang the drum for the war either way. It’s the story of one platoon, during the course of one year, in one valley of Afghanistan. The Tip of The Spear.

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