Recruit Depot Adventures

While swapping stories with some Marines the other day I came across this gem.

Seems a SgtMaj from one of the recruit training battalions was doing his rounds one day walking about the depot. He came upon a young recruit and as was his practice peppered him with a few questions. For a recruit, speaking with a SgtMaj was akin to a Viking speaking to Odin  himself, both are likely to catch a battleaxe to the skull at a single ill turned phrase.

“How are you doing recruit,” asked the SgtMaj.

“Sir, good sir!” The recruit responded with both proper timber and enthusiasm.

“Where are you from son?”

“Sir, Ohio sir!”

Looking down at the young recruit’s name tape, the SgtMaj saw a jumble of letters composing a name Drill Instructors commonly refer to as “alphabet.”

“That’s a funny name, how do you say it?”

OH-HI-OH, sir!”

Well, even Odin lost an eye once.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Back in the stone age (green utilities and black boots) we had a Bn SgtMaj from Samoa. He could be a Marines best friend, or his worst nightmare. Nobody wanted to see him pissed off.

    The one time I was in his office, the ass chewing was epic. I don’t remember what it was about, but I can assure you I never did it again.

  2. During my stint in the Army, one of several things that stuck with me is that if I ask a question I need to be ready for every possible answer.

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