Radioactive Stupid #5

As I’ve mentioned before, Marines love practical jokes. In 2007 there was a rubber snake which made its way throughout the OP. It showed up in sleeping bags, chairs, and even made its way underneath the battalion commander’s pack when he came visiting once. Hilarity generally ensued.

NOT a rubber snake, but you get the idea.

This years two week annual training for the battalion took place in Bridgeport, CA. Nothing like a little mountain warfare training to build character.

One Marine thought it funny to call one of his siblings posing as a sergeant informing his brother he had been injured repelling in Bridgeport. Faux Sgt reported the Marine was now lost somewhere on the mountainside and no one could find him. He probably thought it hilarious when his brother called their parents in a panic informing them their other son may be hurt, dead, and missing. It got even funnier when his parents called the Red Cross telling them someone from the Marine Corps was reporting their son grievously injured. It was downright hysterical when Casualty Branch called us asking WTF was going on with said named Marine.

Fortunately I was not present during this particular episode. My reaction may have caused a land slide ending the entire training operation. As it was, the situation was handled with a dynamic zeal I found appropriate.

Hopefully this light note will get you through your Wednesday.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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