Radioactive Stupid #2

Practical jokes gone awry.

Marines love to prank one another.  I’ve seen Marines sign each other up to receive samples from the Pantyhose of the Month Club. They’ve packed their buddies cigarettes with loads of tiny explosives. My own diatribes about the amount of junk food Marines ate prompted SNCOs to fill my desk with 26 pounds of candy. Bless their hearts.

Then there was the Marine with the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force back in 2005 or so. Knowing safety was a paramount concern, this Marine donned his chemical protective overgarment to include field protective mask, suit, rubber boots, and gloves. This is known as MOPP 4, the highest level of Mission Oriented Protective Posture designed to protect troops from battlefield concentrations of chem/bio agents. Our hero was not taking any chances.

He proceeded to acquire a pillow case and headed out into the woods. There he managed to capture a skunk. He promptly headed back to the barracks and thew open the door to his buddy’s room. Hurling the skunk filled pillow case within, he firmly shut the door again. This is all kinds of funny.

I am told at the NJP the CO lauded his use of safety equipment in the execution of his prank. We’ll never know if it actually mitigated any of the punishment though.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Basic training, after the jerk mail clerk delivered a lecture on how we all needed to let everyone know our forwarding address so he wouldn’t have to forward mail, we found an ad that promised to put us on 200 mailing lists for $1. About twenty of us signed up. Two years later, and three duty station changes, was receiving mail.

  2. Well Seasoned Fool, that’s okay, it took 11 years for my dental records to catch up to me one time.

    Anonymous One, nice, though I suspect the charges were more along the lines of disorderly conduct, possibly even assault with a skunk.

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