Today’s offering is a collage of suffering. In our culture this is called fun.
“What time is it? What are we doing? Is this going to suck? Why is the 1stSgt laughing himself into hysterics?”

We threw a physical challenge at the Marines the other day that included various events like running around the base carrying all kinds of odd objects. The Marines got rather creative including using their belts as shoulder straps to carry water jugs and ammo cans.

“Oh, this can’t be good.”

And they’re off!

While rough men contemplate violence the guy in the aloha shirt contemplates ice cream.

Ammo can presses.

Squad push ups. They suck.

Nothing like starting the morning off with a little light body maintenance!

Semper Fi,
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Top,
    Great Idea! I’ll use this next week for our 2 weeks of “summer camp.”

    I used to hate carring the base plate or bi-pod for the old 81 mm mortar. there was just no way to carring it withouy suffering.

  2. Excellent, your lads look very good at running around carrying stuff. Could you make sure there are half a dozen of ‘em on my doorstep at 07:30 tomorrow, ready to shift the bricks, concrete fenceposts, and the ginormous treetrunks we’ve got piled up in the garden; that would be just dandy, ta very much. It’s only 2 miles from here to the local waste recycling centre so it won’t take long. Remind them to dress for rain, this is England in the summertime, after all.

    I get the distinct impression you were cackling and rubbing your hands as you watched all of this. And what’s with that last pic – does this chain have “ends” or do they go around in circle? I’ve never seen such madness!

  3. I hope my 1SG never meets you. And I hope he never sees this blog… He doesn’t need any more ideas.

    Is “Pain and Suffering” a class the military teaches people about to make E-8?

  4. CI Roller, Yeah, heavy weapons sucks and there is just no getting around that. I remember being on a hump and seeing a guy running by with the tube across his shoulders. He looked like a running crucifix.

    Magoo, they are very adept at breaking things if that is what you have in mind. I will not accept responsibility for the crater that will be what is left of your yard afterwards.

    Red, feel free to use the phrase as you see fit.

    Jim, I am of the opinion that if it doesn’t suck then we’re not doing our job. At least for the big challenges that is.

    Kanani, actually, the Navy thinks we are completely bonkers because we will PT in black flag conditions when the rest of them are locked inside their air conditioned offices and refuse to come out.

    Saker, Pain and Suffering is something 1stSgts have conditioned themselves for. You just have to catch up. Hee-hee…

  5. As T. R. Ferhrenbach said of the Marine Corps of 1950; “The Marine Corps was not made pleasant for men who served in it. It remained the same hard, dirty, brutal way of life it had always been.”

  6. Does this mean if it hurts, your doin’ it right?
    Oh by the way, when your guys are done at Magoos’s place, I have many piles of sh…stuff that need to be relocated, don’t worry, it’s not breakable.
    Beer and Brownies afterwards….

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