Promotions and some gun play

Some recent goings on with my FAST Company ninjas:

Corporal Casaneda was promoted March 1st out at the Isa Range Complex. His platoon celebrated this fortuitous occasion by shooting up the area.


Lance Corporal “Big Rig” McRoy was promoted March 1st. LCpl McRoy enjoys a number of nick names including “Ice Road Trucker”, “Big Rig”, and my personal favorite “McRoyal With Cheese.”

Corporal Sidorchuck was meritoriously promoted on March 2nd.

During which I had to patiently instruct his Platoon Commander on such heavy concepts as drill and ceremonies.

He’s a work in progress.

Semper Fi!
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. Your commander must be pretty entertaining if he got a Marine standing at the position of attention to crack a smile… 😀

    Congrats to all your ninjas that got promoted!

  2. LTs, both 1st and 2nd grade, were invented so that First Shirts had a training tool available to work up their patience, psychological endurance and personal instruction skills.

    Are LTs with a map and compass still held to be secret enemy weapons?

  3. 2 most dangerous people in the Marines – a 2nd Lt with a map and compass, and a PFC with a duty belt.

    Looks like the !st Sgt’s skipper is a Capt of Marines – he’s got a job I would have killed for as a young Capt.

  4. I think there is some misunderstanding. In FAST the Company Commander is a Major and the Platoon Commanders are Captains. In the bottom photo I am on the right looking back toward the camera just after I told the Platoon Commander he was all screwed up.

  5. Top,
    Funny, the “company” I’m in is supposed to be headed by a major, Cpts, LTs and WO’s and senior sergeants run the “teams”, so we’re very rank heavy…and we there’s a great shortage of Privates!
    I find it kind of funny, me telling folks who out rank me what to do sometimes…but I guess I can get away with it because I smile.

  6. I really enjoyed this! Congratulations to all. A very, very big day. I hope enough photos were taken for their families. The Marines are a class act.

    Silly grin and all.

  7. Thanks for the correction, First Sergeant.

    Anyhoo, can’t be too harsh on the Capt. Capts are only the Corporals of the officer corps.

    A good Skipper is a joy to work for, though, at least for us non-rate type numbnuts (at least from the pov of a few decades past. Long time formerism can do a rather rose colored effect to the memory).

  8. Gang, been running around with friends this weekend but am heading back to the fine Kingdom of Bahrain this week. If you see me in the airport say hi. Of course, if you do I will probably think you are someone up to no good so brace yourself.

  9. Look..I read your blog.. who are those crazy friends you’ve been running with.. they must be AWESOME people.. 🙂

    Oh and you know you could take off my husbands lame a** blog and put mine on I could get ..traffic..

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