Play Ball!

The Cleveland Indians have hosted your Marines for a number of games over the weekend. The amount of tickets I have personally handed out to the troops numbers in the hundreds. Here’s what it looks like when Marines play ball.

Marine Night wrapped up with an awesome fireworks show the entire crowd stayed for. 

Would America’s favorite pastime be complete without America’s SgtMaj? I think not! Here I am throwing out the first pitch the next day.

For the record, it appears I threw a couple of miles faster than SgtMaj Barrett.

Think having Marines around isn’t a good thing? Marine Night at Progressive Field brought in 29,375 fans. That’s more people than Opening Day. My game brought in only 718 less than the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps and I didn’t even have any fireworks like he did!

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Cool. Digging the cap, too.

    For the sake of fairness, i should point out that of course you threw faster than SgtMaj Barrett, all that weight on his sleeves must have been an impediment 😛

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