Photo of the day…

Our photo of the day is of Sergeant Hensley. 
Sometimes Sgt Hensley just won’t listen to his 1stSgt.
Fortunately, just before this photo was taken, Sgt Hensley’s hearing miraculously improved.  Nothing like a dose of ballistic medicine to clear things right up.
That is all. Carry on with the plan of the day.
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  1. No brownies, zombies, or furniture were hurt during the production of this post. Sgt H’s eye appears to be a casualty but it was his own stinkin’ fault. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  2. “his own… fault”..


    I think HE needs the brownies (cookies & timtams) – hook us up with his addy 🙂

    [always willing to dispense tea & sympathy across the miles]

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