Out from under the rock

Good afternoon!

After a few inquiries about my well being, I figured I would take a peek from underneath the rock I’ve been under to render everyone the proper greeting of the day.

The summer has been busy with our battalion annual training and various events I may record here down the road. I will endeavor to regale you with tales of high adventure again in the near future. In the meantime, rest assured my absence here is in no way related to IRS inquiries, global terrorist plots, viral outbreaks, or squads of ninja assassins. I was able to dispatch each with little to no impact on my general health or daily routine.  See? No worries.

So stay tuned for gun slinging action! Swashbuckling adventure! Zombie decapitations! Sarcasm!

No really, I hope to post something worthy soon.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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