• October 13, 2009
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Oh the pressure!

Recently, Greyhawk over at Mudville has declared that I may just be the last Marine mil blogger in Iraq. Great, now the pressure is on for me to document our transition for posterity. The weight of this responsibility is staggering.

Hmmmmmmmmm…what are we doing lately? Anything significant?

Well, turnover with the unit replacing us is taking place as we get ready to transition ourselves out of here. After the formal Transition Of Authority (TOA) I’m sure I will have some choice things to recount as we sit around in tents waiting for flights to whisk us away (Brains! Brains!).

Oh! I think it’s Ice Cream Sundae night at DFAC 1. I’ll submit my report tomorrow.

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Ice Cream Sundae night? Sounds tough – really. My husband just reached his new desert home recently and he was telling me about what he has on this base. I told him to shut up before I thought he was at a resort. Just joking Top – you guys work hard.

  2. OH the KBR chow hall deserts…they were ohhh soooo good.
    My deployments:
    Phase 1: first few months we were figuring out what we were supposed to do,
    Phase 2: Once we figured out our jobs, we got good.
    Phase 3: After about 7-8 months, got really good
    Phase 4: Got tired and started counting down the days to go home…and hope nobody else got hurt or killed.

  3. Well, I suppose it is significant if you are indeed the last Marine blogging. We should have a little ceremony for you, maybe involving multiple forms stapled together in an arch way for you to pass under, a wall where you can write the answers to the top ten stupid things that young Marines do, and we’ll even toss in a few zombies for you to shoot on the way out.

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