Office Equipment

Some of the odd objects I use to physically abuse myself and others.

Here you will notice the 80lb kettle bells, medicine balls, jump rope, gymnastic rings, 20lbs of body armor, and a 30lb battering ram.

Battering ram? Who in the world keeps a battering ram in their office?

That’s who!

Semper Fi!

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  1. i noticed the excellent cow-camo foot locker also. Stylish.

    Mr NewMagoo also has a battering ram, although his is red, and he keeps it in his car. You’re not so special 😛

  2. Kristina, brownies are not worked off. They are worked on.

    Sisu, that is my hurt locker, an different subject entirely.

    Kanani, you’re pushing it sister.

    Magoo, anyone can have one in the trunk. Mine is in my OFFICE. I keep bodies in my trunk.

    Miss Em, I have no idea where everyone is drawing a connection between a battering ram and evil confections like brownies. It is a mystery.

    Oki, at least you know where I’m coming from.

  3. The battering ram may be in case of zombie invasion. (or you could just throw brownies at them).
    My battering ram is out in the barn and is called a “post driver”.
    I love a man with equipment. (going away now)

  4. My profound apologies for not recognizing it immediately. My only excuse is my hurt locker is more of a metaphysical thing. But then, I’m not America’s 1st Sgt. I suppose now you’ll try to convince us it’s NOT Holstein patterned?

  5. CI Roller, hooray! One day I will join you in the honored ranks of the retired. I suspect I will have fun for about 90 days and then lose my mind because I’d be bored.

    Magoo, I keep the bodies in my trunk fresh, so never fear.

    Applegoat, one does not throw away good brownies at zombies. What are you, a communist?

    Sisu, actually I inherited the foot locker from the previous 1stSgt. So I make no claims as to its origins or camo patterns thereof.

  6. Top,
    Retirement doesn’t mean I’ll stop working…still got the cop job…and I still enjoy training cops and soliders.
    Ya’ gotta’ line up things to do before you cachea out.

  7. Top,
    Retirement doesn’t mean I’ll stop working…still got the cop job…and I still enjoy training cops and soliders.
    Ya’ gotta’ line up things to do before you cachea out.

  8. Yep. You’re right…AND GI Joe has cool accessories, like hand grenades and maps to find people.

    (Not sure what a B603 is, but I hope it can fly really fast, we might all need a quick ride outa here when A1S comes back with that vein showin’ in his forehead.)

  9. He won’t come after us, he’s too busy playing… um, using his *cough* action figures to better demonstrate the finer points of drill formation to his Marines.

    If anyone wants me, i’ll be in witness protection by the end of the day 🙂

  10. My wife the Army stud keeps some of those medicine balls in her gym. Of course, the squids, er SEALS that train at her facility tend to take them outside, toss them around and leave them outside for her to retrieve. Of course, the Marines that train there give her the utmost respect and replace everything. She could probably use a battering ram to place upside some SEALS’ skull. She needs a classy footlocker like yours, 1st Sgt.

  11. Old Style GI Joe w/ Kungfu Grip?!?

    Real Old Style GI Joe had non flexible hands that couldn’t functionally hold anything.

    Sheesh. Kids these days.

    PS. GIJ sucked eggs as a para trooper. I tried every possible permutation of handkerchief/towel and string. GIJ always managed to come down hard enough to break a leg.

    Sick Bay Soldier for sure and for certain. Those broken legs were his way of getting out of the forced marches after the jump.

  12. Magoo, 1st Sgt has a point. It’s not always we find someone who keeps battering ram in his office as it’s common it can be kept in the trunck. 1st Sgt., are you really serious your keeping bodies in your trunk? Or could you be more a little specific? That would be bodies of animals you hunt from the woods?

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