Notes from the front. Sept 2007.

 After the resounding hit which was my first web page update for Kilo 3/3, I had to follow up again the next month. Keeping loved ones informed without letting on we’d been hit with an IED, shot at while on patrol, and mortared conducting dwell operations in the ville was a challenge. It should also be noted I was physically present every time there was some kind of action. The Marines began to believe if they wanted to earn a Combat Action Ribbon they had to invite the 1stSgt on patrol as I had become some kind of insurgent magnet.

Telling this to their wives and mothers would never do. It was time to view life on the OP through my special lens again:

Friends and Family of Kilo Company, a salam al lakum! See, we’re already going native.

Going into the month of September the temperature has thankfully begun to drop. What that basically means is that instead of it being 120 degrees Fahrenheit it is a mere 105 now. We like to keep it just warm enough to melt boot leather.  Iraq being the kind of place it is we don’t expect a comfortable transition into winter but instead that the temp will just suddenly drop out the bottom and paralyze us where we stand.  You’ve all seen the movie Day After Tomorrow?

Of course, at least the cold weather will cut down on the various flesh devouring insects that inhabit the area. Some of you may be familiar with the humming bird sized mosquitoes that may be found in the Carolinas or in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Here we have these tiny little beasts which are composed entirely of wings and teeth. They are so insidious you don’t even realize you’ve been bitten until you look down and notice your arm is missing.

Since getting out here we have hit the ground running and our first 30 or so days have ticked by rather quickly.  Here’s an article from a reporter that stayed with us for a while on what your Marines are up to out here.

Let’s see, some other highlights of this past month include confronting the evils of administrative procrastination, rubbing elbows with real live sheiks, and threatening my cooks with grievous bodily harm if I ever see another plate of spaghetti and meat sauce again this deployment. Not that pasta in and of itself is a bad thing but three times in one week is liable to get some cooks hurt. We have broken the code on breakfast however. Right now my favorite breakfast involves a corndog in appearance confection that is a sausage wrapped in blueberry pancake on a stick. Yummy.

One of our Lieutenants decided to celebrate his promotion by running full tilt into a concrete wall in the pitch darkness. Whatever it was he was doing, he thought it was important that’s for sure. He’s fine, but I no longer allow him to run with scissors either. I encourage everyone to send a care package that includes band aids and a flash light.  Some things just don’t grow old with the retelling.

The SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, SgtMaj Kent, ate lunch with some of our NCOs recently. He recognized one of our Cpls with a SgtMaj’s coin for being appropriately belligerent to medical personnel when he refused to be sent back to the States for a broken wrist after executing a graceful triple back flip out of the back of a 7 ton truck.  Not sure how that works. Last time I was belligerent to anyone I got a punch in the mouth.

We’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting us with packages and letters from home. Especially all the former Marines and their families and the families of those who have lost loved ones in the service.  The superhero bed sheets are really cool. It’s good to know that there are still some red blooded Americans out there.

Semper Fidelis,
1stSgt M. S. Burke

Kilo Co 1stSgt

3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines

America’s Battalion

Just another ho-hum day in paradise.
Take charge of yourselves and carry out the plan of the day!

America’s SgtMaj

/ / / /


  1. “…a sausage wrapped in blueberry pancake on a stick.”

    I thought for a minute you’d been hanging out with Glaswegians, but then i realised it’d have been deep-fried if so.

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