Notes from the front May 2008.

After returning from our post deployment leave in 2008 I was dragged kicking and screaming from my beloved Kilo Company to Headquarters & Service Company. I had been warned by the battalion SgtMaj I would be the senior 1stSgt on deck after the deployment. What this meant was transferring me from the gunslinging action of a rifle company to the administratively intensive doldrums of a support company.

In order to combat the pogue reputation of the typical H&S company, I applied my signature style to leading the Marines and Sailors under my influence.  What follows is my first web site update as H&S Company 1stSgt.

    Being stationed in Hawaii we are always treated to beautiful images of long rolling blue waves on scenic beaches, the verdant mountains reaching up to grasp the sky, and the lush rain forests that dominate the hill sides. All of these are difficult to see through the haze of gun smoke hanging lazily in the air from all the time we’ve spent on the range this month.  Sight seeing and gun slinging. Being the world’s finest United States Marines I leave it to you to decide which past time we prefer.

    The attentive reader may notice I am not appearing in my usual corner of the battalion website. This is due to my recent transfer from the fine Marines of Kilo Company to be 1stSgt of the august body of American fighting men known as H&S Company. What does H&S stand for you ask? Headhunting & Skullduggery, I kid you not.

    That’s right true believers. When the fighting is at its fiercest and things look their bleakest, the Battalion Commander calls on the dirtiest players in the game.  The forces of evil quake in their boots as H&S Marines swagger through the desert kicking sand in the face of insurgents.

    Excitement! Thrills! Adventure! Meals Ready to Eat! H&S Company provides what every red blooded American boy dreams of.  Stay tuned for more action!

    Semper Fi,

    1stSgt Burke
    America’s 1stSgt

Success is often a matter of attitude.

Carry on with the plan of the day!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. If a Marine H&S is anything like a Army HHC you would have had your fair share of NJP’s especially in the Ammo or Armament sections…Motorpool is usually up for a brawl.

  2. My guys knew better. Though always game for some action it was widely acknowledged such action would not be taken without my approval. I ended up having less NJPs in H&S than any of the line companies!

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