Notes from the front, Jan 2008.

Being island boys stationed out of Hawaii, the Iraqi winter was somewhat of a shock to some of us. Considering it had not snowed in our area for decades it was a bit of a surprise to the locals too. I recall the company commander, company XO, the Forward Air Controller and I had nightly cigars around a small fire. Ah, the days of high adventure…

Happy New Year! This year Kilo Company has resolved that if at all possible we will only deploy to warm weather climates.  This means if the Scandinavians have an insurgency then they are straight out of luck. Sorry fellas.

    The Christmas dinner went over merrily and with good cheer. Our supporters sent enough gifts and goodies to give all the Marines something two times over. There was so much steak, chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and a wide selection of fat pills we all hit the rack in a food coma that night.  It really was an obscene amount of food and the Marines all enjoyed a meal and a good time with their comrades.

    It actually snowed out here last week.  Of course upon reaching the ground it immediately melted and what was formerly known as moon dust is now what we call moon glue.  It’s not all bad though. When we come in from the elements we eliminate the whole problem of getting mud all over the floor by just sticking our boots right on the ceiling instead. There is so much muck stuck in the soles of my boots I now stand at a commanding height of just over six feet and cut a rather impressive figure if I do say so myself.

    How a place renowned for its oppressive heat can generate such bitterly cold wind I will never know.  There is nothing as bracing as a blast of freezing wind blowing right up your shorts let me tell you.  The only exception perhaps would be lathering up in the shower trailer when the hot water decides to quit.  If that’s not enough to make a praying man out of you I don’t know what is. I never knew I had so many sopranos in the company until winter set in.

    As the icy fingers of winter close into a fist around the OP we often think of the tropical shores we left behind. But we’re not done here yet. Your Marines continue to conduct operations in order to undermine the efforts of the forces of evil. Their hard work is paving the way for a final transition into the hands of a legal Iraqi authority.  Schools are open, the markets are doing business, and people are sleeping peaceably tonight in Kharma town. The example set by your sons and husbands has emboldened many of the Iraqi nationals to make a stand against the insurgency and take back control of their neighborhoods.

    So if someone back home asks you if you really think what your Marine is doing out here has made any impact, you can look them straight in the face and say, “Darn right.” Then while you’ve got their attention, poke them in the eye and run like you stole something.

Semper Fidelis!
1stSgt M. S. Burke

America’s 1stSgt

Carry on with the plan of the day!
America’s SgtMaj

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