• February 3, 2010
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Not quitting my day job.

Everyone who thinks I’m still in Hawaii you are wrong, wrong, wrong. After coming back from Iraq I spent a whole two months in the States and am now back in the Middle East. Hooray!!

Actually, Bahrain is nice. No complaints here. Of course, that doesn’t diminish the threat of an enemy who wants very badly to take a big wet bite out of us.

Al-Queda Cell Plotted To Attack US Base

U.S. Beefs Up Missile Defenses In Gulf

…Threat To Navy

Although not directly in a combat zone, combating evil doers is still what I do.

Specifically, I am the new 1stSgt of FAST Company stationed out of Naval Support Activity Bahrain. FAST stands for Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team and we are part of Marine Corps Security Force Regiment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Corps_Security_Force_Regiment

Officially our mission is to provide limited duration expeditionary antiterrorism and security forces in support of Commander NAVCENT http://www.cusnc.navy.mil/ in order to protect vital naval and national assets. We can also conduct other limited duration contingency operations as directed by Commander, NAVCENT. We kinda do what he says operationally.

America’s 1stSgt contemplates the AOR.

Throughout our Area Of Responsibility (AOR) we may be called upon to support the State Department to secure any one of 24 embassy and consulate facilities. [Bagdad] Or we could be tasked to provide maritime security to American ships, port security, or protect gas and oil platforms. When the USS Cole was attacked it was Marines from my company that responded. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cole_bombing

The pistols were already on the door when I got here. I promise.

Align CenterThis sign is all me. I must also point out that the arrow points directly at the Company Commander’s office.

Our AOR includes 20 nations with over 25 different ethnic groups, greater than 6.5 million square miles to include 2.5 million sq. miles of sea space. This area contains 80% of proven global oil reserves, 28% of oil production. Additionally, 95% of Gulf oil transit through the Strait of Hormuz.

Nice military jargon 1stSgt but what do you guys DO?

In no particular order…

Deter terrorist attacks.
Detect terrorist operations.
Defend against attacks.
Mitigate effects of terrorist actions.

We also conduct bilateral engagements with engagements with partner nations. In English that means we train with allied countries in the region.

Which is why I occasionally sign off as…

America’s 1stSgt
A Living Barrier Against the Forces of Evil

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  1. Best of luck, 1st Sgt! I’m sure that FAST Co is better for having you there. Oh, and I LOVE your “hippies” sign; the fact that it points at your CO’s office is priceless!

  2. So 1st Sgt, does that living barrier thing show up before or after “locate, close with, and destroy by fire and manuver” in yr individual mission statement?

    I always thought hippies should be directed to the company gunnies office….

  3. Sounds like you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied. Although, obviously, i hope you have nothing out of the ordinary to deal with.

    And are you sure you’re contemplating your AOR in that pic? Looks to me like you’re planning your summer holidays. Cyprus is nice 🙂

  4. “A Living Barrier Against the Forces of Evil” – My hero! I can hardly wait to hear of your adventures and the fates of the “hippies” that step into the CO’s office….

  5. I wonder what the CO thought when A1S showed up…

    That’s a lot of territory to cover. Good luck putting the fear of God into those forces of evil, 1SG.

  6. Pax, you such a flatterer! *blushing

    Red, that’s what the CO gets for picking the very first office instead of letting me have it so I can run interference for him.

    Jim, in our case the mission is more defensive in nature. Seems contrary to our doctrine, I know, but waiting menacingly at a consulate for the enemy to strike isn’t exactly and offensive mission.

    CI Roller, I cannot confirm or deny that statement at this time.

    Magoo, my summer will probably be spent exclaiming about how stinkin’ hot it is. Remember the word ‘broiling’. I suspect I will be using it here by August.

    Jenny, I’ve been using that handle since I was a Corporal on embassy duty. As for hippies, I don’t think I will see too many here as they tend to congregate where it is safer, like California.

    Saker, the CO reads my blog. I suppose I’ll know what he really thinks when he writes my Fitness Report. 🙂

    Kanani, of course you believe me! My integrity is without question. But it’s never a bad idea to remind everyone, particularly myself.

  7. Hello A’s-1Sgt,

    Bahrain…Lots of sand and sun. Hope you brought your sun-bathing outfit you are going to need it for all the off duty time on the roof stretched out on a beach towel. 😉

    Seriously, what ever you do, do it with care. “Just found you”…you know the words to that saying. From the heart.

    Do you need ear protection so when the “Hippie” walks into his off you can’t hear him making his desire known that he is looking for his 1Sgt..aka “Top”?

    Ah..CI-Roller Dude….are you trying to say that the Army…
    “Goes ‘FART'[ing] Along”

    Sorry. I JUST could NOT resits the temptation. {DEEP, breath and a snickering sigh} ;~)

    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

  8. Coffee, the brownies are always withing reach. All I have to do is pout. 🙂

    Miss Em, there are no hippies in my company. As a matter of fact pretty much everyone who isn’t a Marine stays well away from our office. Probably has something to do with the deep volcanic rumbling emanating from within.

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