Not looking forward to Marine Week?

Nonsense I say! Nonetheless, there are those who remain unconvinced we are actually the good guys striving to emulate positive values the Corps as an institution represents. Case in point, a recent letter to the edior in a local paper:

Differing opinions: it’s kinda what we’re fighting for.

In response, my CO also sent a letter to the editor. His letter is apparently too long to print in a hard copy format, but the paper has offered to post it on line. I say why wait? Here it is in all it’s glory:
Letter to the editor
a response to ‘Not looking forward to visit by Marines’
Sister Donna Wilhelm recently penned a letter to the editor (“Not looking forward to visit by Marines”, May 20) that raised some interesting points I would like to address.
I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps and have been serving for more than 26 years. During these years I have been blessed, humbled and honored to serve alongside America’s finest sons and daughters dedicated to the defense of our great nation.
Your Marines, this all volunteer organization, recognizes and respects the fact what we have in this great land was earned on the battlefields of old. These young men and women understand it is our duty now, as it was for the generations before us, to remain vigilant to ensuring nothing happens to our homeland on our watch, our tour of duty at freedom’s gate.
Let me be emphatically clear, there is not a service member in today’s all volunteer force, Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Coast Guardsman who believes war is a game. We have lost too many brothers and sisters in the last ten years. The number of wounded both physically and mentally will take years to heal. The number of families either directly or indirectly impacted by a decade of war is significant. This fact becomes even more poignant as we prepare to observe Memorial Day.
The Marines are coming to town not to glorify war. They are coming to celebrate the unwavering support of our communities to her Marines. The Marines are coming to share the diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, and personal thoughts and ideas that come together to make the Corps a reflection of America and yes, the Marines are coming to share the rich tapestry of the traditions, history and esprit that is the Corps.
Marine Week Cleveland 2012 is a collaborative City of Cleveland, City of Brook Park and Marine Corps event. Mayors Jackson and Elliot and their teams have demonstrated how efficiently federal, local and military entities can work together to plan and execute an event of this magnitude.
Aside from all the equipment and static displays, and there will be many, the Marines will be visiting the Louis Stokes VA Cleveland Medical Center every day during Marine Week, Marines and our civilian partners are participating in community service projects across the city of Cleveland, City of Brook Park and beyond. We will continue our partnerships and mentorship initiatives with the City of Cleveland Recreation Centers. We have had General Officers and key civic leaders visit our students reinforcing the importance of academics. We will have Marines and our Navy Corpsman who have recently returned from Afghanistan on hand to tell you their story and to listen to yours. We will have Wounded Warriors here standing proud alongside their brothers and sisters. We will have the Gold Star families here reminding us freedom is not free. The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve will come to provide guidance for those Veterans looking for work. Along with the Ohio Flags of Honor honoring all of Ohio’s sons and daughters killed in action in either Iraq or Afghanistan we will have the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial here to honor and to ensure we never forget the price of liberty.
Sister Wilhelm asks if Marine Week Cleveland is something we want our children to see. I say the answer is YES. I am brining my own children downtown not only to climb aboard equipment and experience the sights and sounds of America’s Expeditionary Force but to see the men and women of the United States Marine Corps. I want them to feel that sense of pride for our modern-day heroes. I want them to see all the veterans who fought the fight to keep us free. These Marines and their families are positive role models that both our children and adults can learn from.  
Marine Week Cleveland 2012 will come and go. The one thing each must remember is the Marines will always be here. The support of our local communities to your local Marines of 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment will still be here. The veterans will still be here. And as a family we will endure through the challenges on the battlefield or here at home. 
Semper Fidelis,
Lt. Col. Michael P. Hubbard, USMC
Brook Park, Ohio

KAPOW! He must have one heck of a Sergeant Major is all I’ve got to say.
Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. SGM, your CO writes very well. However, I think I would have just said:
    “We the proud citizens who freely joined the US Military do not start wars— the politicians do that. We just respond and break things and hurt people. Have a nice day.”

  2. Your LtCol expressed it extremely well. And Cl-Roller points to a fact most civvies just don’t get: “We the proud citizens who freely joined the US Military do not start wars— the politicians do that. We just respond and break things and hurt people.”

    The lady signs herself “Sister,” but makes no reference to her order. Maybe she hangs with Sister Solja?

  3. Kanani, this is why you are not allowed to write responses to Letters to the Editor. 🙂

    CI Roller, well, some folks don’t get it as we military types aren’t people, just faceless automatons goose stepping our way out of poverty through mercenary work.

    ExAF, we actually noted she mentions on wanting her children to go to Marine Week then signed off as “Sister”. We were like: “Waaaaaiiit a minute!”

  4. While talking with a couple of Vietnam Navy Vets today my 8 year old asked the Sgt. who served 3 tours to explain why Americans were so mean to him when he came home. He just didn’t understand. “I mean” he said with his innocent blue eyes, “You were just doing your job. It wasn’t YOUR fault you were sent to Vietnam, it was the Presidents.”

    I know this same 8 year old would LOVE Marine week. He might even think it was more fun than Disneyland. And I’m pretty sure Kanani has a point. I mean there is a reason we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth, right?

  5. Anonymous One, you went there didn’t you.

    Kristina, unfortunately service members are sometimes a tangible target folks get to vent their anger at. You would think if anyone understood the effects of war it would be Marines who have seen their friends fall.

  6. Downtown Cleveland will never be safer for children than during Marine week.

    Sister, I pray that the scales fall from your eyes.

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