No Crying In The Apocalypse! #3

Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 4 “Isolation.”

*Spoilers! For the love of all that’s holy, spoilers!*

1. Do not punch me in the face because you are upset your girlfriend is dead. If you do I will ensure you understand this was a terrible mistake on your part. This will take the form of a beating so bad you will never, ever forget it was me who gave it to you. Also, if you knock someone down in a fight, particularly a bigger person, you do not mount them and punch them in the grill. This is not MMA, it’s the apocalypse and I’d have put the boots to Tyreese until he begged me to stop.  After that everyone within sight and hearing would understand attacking me is a poor life choice.

2. Hershel gives Rick a pep talk about falling off the wagon after the fight. What? Winning a fight you didn’t start is nothing to be upset about. If you are living in the apocalypse and are afraid to use violence you are probably not going to live long. I’d have been more upset I was dumb enough to punch someone in the face with my bare hand resulting in an injury. I’m a little bored with Rick’s temper issues.

3. I liked the bit about Hershel and Carl not shooting zombies they didn’t have to. I wouldn’t waste ammo either. This new common sense approach to the zombie apocalypse may make the show much more enjoyable.

4. If we have to bail out of our car because of the obscenely huge horde of undead, do not hang out in the back seat daydreaming. I will ditch you.

 5. How come the group on an important, life saving mission aren’t better armed? They have a sword, a cross bow, a pistol, and a hammer. How do they not have rifles? They did when they raided the supermarket. A rifle with a 30 round mag would have better cleared a path from the vehicle to the woods. Who conducted their pre-combat checks and inspections before they rolled out? If I find out that person is so fired.

“Dangit! We forgot our firearms again.”

6. The issue with Carol murdering sick members of the group is interesting. What will be the consequences for Carol? Banishment? The group has condemned people to death before but would they do that to Carol? In a world where human life is so precious can they so easily cut her loose?

Thoughts anyone?

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Again, I say, we need to write an episode for them. Great review.

    I get everyone is starting to fray around the edges. Medieval plagues tend to do that. But losing your temper is just a demonstration that you have NO DISCIPLINE or leadership.

    I now know why everyone is sick. Its the water. They are using swamp water most likely fouled with dead zombies for their water. I didn’t see any processing what-so-ever. Good job burying your dead in your watershed. You deserve the plague.

    The lack of leadership is starting to be a problem. They need a dictator again.

    “Fastest car we have.” Seriously? Daryl are you expect to be drag racing out there? How about a vehicle with some ground clearance that doesn’t necessarily need roads? Its the south, 1 of 2 vehicles is a pick-up with over-sized tires.

    Shotguns…not a single one in sight. I think Ithaca or Remington needs to sponsor this show. Sell the guns during commercial breaks, they’d become the next Microsoft after a few shows.

  2. I can’t really add any thoughts, as i haven’t seen it yet (boo hiss, UK tele schedule), but i’m really hoping they have some kind of a coup this season. Trouble is, i can’t choose who would be worth a shot as leader – from the characters we know, anyway.

    I was rooting for the Governor last time round (who for all his flaws, did get the job done, innit?) but there’s nobody left with his gumption.

    My problem i think is that i can’t figure out whether i dislike Rick because of the character, or just because Andrew Lincoln annoys me – he played such a twerp in Love Actually. Likewise, David Morrissey has had a place in my heart since he was Colonel Brandon (my favourite Austen man) so i might just be a wee bit biased in his favour. But don’t tell anyone.

  3. Eric, you are brilliant. I wonder if Remington will sponsor our new zombie show? Maybe we can get Netflix to green light us?

    Mrs. Salad, you can’t hold Rick responsible for things his doppelganger did in another movie. That’s just not right.

  4. “can’t hold Rick responsible for things his doppelganger did in another movie”

    I’m a woman, ASM. I hold my husband responsible for things I dream he does. It’s not only right, it’s inevitable.

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