No Crying In The Apocalypse! #2

Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season 4.

I have to admit this season has started off pretty good. We’ve got the plague of undeath shambling outside the gates and some kind of swine super-flu running rampant among the survivors within the prison. Both of these make post apocalyptic life sucky.


I loved that the zombies nearly pushed down the fence surrounding the prison. I’ve always thought the sheer mass of undead pushing against a protective wall or fence line would eventually mash it down.  At the very least the zombies would trample each other creating a ramp of corpses much like in the World War Z movie.

My immediate reaction probably wouldn’t be to run to the collapsing fence. Though I like the idea they work the fence line clearing it of zombies, trying to hold up the falling chain link with your bare hands is dumb. Just when I was beginning to think everyone in the show deserved agonizing death, Rick finally did something I would have done, luring the zombies away from the fence. What a novel idea!  I’m not convinced he needed hamstrung pigs to do the job, but since the group suspected the swine might be the source of the ninja-flu they had to get rid of them one way or the other.

I’m also glad Rick got over his hippie, no gun carrying foolishness. As soon as there were walkers eating up the residents of the cell block Rick reached for a pistol no longer on his hip. He ran inside with nothing but a pocket knife as I was yelling: “That’s why you  should never be more than a step away from your weapons stupid!”

Other than that, I’ve no real complaints this week. Unlike like last season, we may have some decent story telling and characters acting like survivors instead of idiots. Who’d have thought?

I still say the show would be better with a sprinkling of Marines, but I guess we can’t have everything.

Semper Fi,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Two words: More obstacles.

    Step one, drag the concertina off the top of the fences, both internal and external, lace that stuff around the perimeter 5-10 meters from the outer fence.

    Step two, rip out all of the LAN cable, phone cable, superfluous electrical cable in the prison and use it to set up tangle foot at least 5 meters deep outside of the concertina perimeter.

    Step three, the stake obstacles are a good idea near the ECP. Extend that further, inside the concertina line.

    Step four, scavenge a front-end loader or excavator. Dig a 3-meter deep, 5-meter wide ditch as your initial obstacle.

    Will this take time? Absolutely. Do you ever stop improving your position? No.

  2. Haven’t seen the show, kinda dropped it halfway through last season…

    But, concerning the pigs. By chance, did it occur to any of the players to slaughter a few for food? Since, you know, they’re facing that whole starvation thing.


  3. Jay, never stop improving your position, thank you! It’s one of those basics I keep losing my mind about. You may have a seat in my post apocalypse bunker.

    Grimmy, this season is actually pretty good so far. As for eating the pigs, the characters were having BBQ in the first episode and then half of them got sick. They suspect the pigs of being the vector.

  4. Agree. It seemed that the zombies at the fence would follow the truck even without bloody pigs. And the pigs could have just been roasted and fed to “people”. Have a nice BBQ.

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