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The night of the Ft. Hood shooting my wife had to change the TV channel because she couldn’t hear the news over the grinding of my molars.  The premature conclusions and ignorance of so called journalists and investigative reporters made me break out in a rash.

News anchors immediately jumped on the PTSD bandwagon and made sure they referred to SPC Lopez as an “IRAQ WAR VET!This would be because his military service just HAD to be the cause of so much violence.

“The IRAQ WAR VET who took three lives and wounded 16 was reportedly under medical evaluation to determine whether or not the letters P, T, S, and D could be used in reference to his mental health no matter how tenuous.  We really don’t know anything conclusive, but PTSD and IRAQ WAR VET everyone!”

Someone asked a friend of mine why the media seems to leap immediately to the conclusion PTSD was the cause. My humble opinion is it supports their dramatic narrative that veterans are all addled psychos on the verge of committing sprees of blood curdling violence. It certainly gets more air time than saying: “Nobody really knows anything.” 

The next day I saw a news article on CNN which read: “What Is It About Ft. Hood? Soldier-on-soldier violence leaves four dead, including the gunman. It’s a scene that’s becoming all too familiar at Fort Hood: They survived war, only to be killed at home.”

Really CNN? What is it about Chicago then?

It cracks me up watching when the media decides to speculate and when they won’t. For instance, an Afghan security guard killed three Americans the other day at an Afghan hospital. Reporters mysteriously can’t fathom a motive for the attack. Maybe it was simply because they were American. Gasp! Is that such a stretch? Speculating in this instance would be irresponsible journalism. It’s only okay when we scaremonger the public about veterans. 

Here I thought dramatic and historical license were the purview of Hollywood film makers. The real artists are the folks writing the headlines.

“Breaking News! No one has any idea WTF happened to Flight 370. In a related story, stuff is floating on the ocean! Near Australia! Just floating there!”

And I’m done ranting.

America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Just as when I served in VietNam. Militarily we had the war won. (I was ASA (same as NSG in fact NCOIC was a Gunny)) and we had them beat in 1970. Then the news media started saying we couldn’t win etc. We HAD won!.. Sigh.. last good journalist was Ernie Pyle.

  2. Well Seasoned One, I tend not to worry about the opinions of pussies but when they have the ear of the public I get a little ticked off.

    Eric, I tend to watch a wide range of news programs during the day. This way I am inundated with a wide range of personal/political agendas.

    Curmudgeon, my dad used to get pissed off at the notion America “lost” the Vietnam War. His reaction: “Wherever I was in Vietnam we were kicking their ass!”

    Mikey, yeah, that’s the problem.

  3. So did my previous commet not make it pass moderation or did I fail the prove you’re not a robot test?


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