Navy Recruiting

If you’ve ever been to port in Bahrain, you have to admit this is true:

I’ll let you Soldiers and Sailors debate this in comments. My shipmate NavyOne will no doubt have something to say. Below is a photo of the NavalOne himself on his way to the Officers Mess where good times are had by all.

Just like a Sailor to wear a non-regulation back pack in uniform. Typical.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Coffey, N1 flaunts all the regs, military and fashion.

    Eric, N1’s mind is as devious as it is dynamic. He’s not panicing I’m sure.

    NavyOne, waaaaaaaaaaaaaiting…

    Pax, no musk sticks?

    Lin, those voices are calling out: “LIBO!”

    Saker, that’s low.

  2. Now Now ASM – you of all people should know that One does not simply LOB the Pinkness in to Morder…

    You need unwitting victims*

    [*umm… please pass on my apologies to the most recent of the “unwittings” and ask him if the TimTams and Caramello Koalas made up for the Pink?]

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