Morning culture clashes

After a catastrophic encounter with a computer keyboard early in the morning, America’s SgtMaj burst into the S-3 (Ops & Training) office pleasantly surprised to see a full pot of coffee freshly made. ESPN is on the television where normally there is news.

America’s SgtMaj: “What the hell is this? The world if falling apart around us but heaven forbid we miss last night’s sports highlights!”

Young Corporal: “But SgtMaj, if we don’t watch football then the terrorists have won.”

SgtMaj: “Well said. Carry on.”

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. CI Roller, indeed, the amount of independent thought going on in the military would surprise a lot of people.

    Magoo, I will let your comment pass as I enjoyed watching rugby in the English pubs while I was in Bahrain.

    Grimmy, one must keep abreast of current events nonetheless.

  2. ASM:

    But but but!!

    I thought that’s what the daily intel brief was for?

    Iirc, the program worked by having senior officers and SNCOs read the actual brief pages.

    Then, junior officers and NCOs would overhear the seniors discussing the briefing.

    Then the NCOs would pass the word to the snuffies… erm.. I mean nonrates as scuttlebutt.

    Even at the end of that game of “telephone”, the poop would be more accurate than anything the media pumps out.

    I honestly doubt the media is capable of being accurate on anything more complex than what the show’s talking-head had for lunch.


  3. Grimmy- Not sure what it’s called in the Corps, but in the Army we call that the “Private News Network” or PNN. Want to know what’s really going on in the unit? Grab the closest PFC or SPC.

  4. True story…

    CWO “flight deck gloves and eye pro enforcer” to Cpl working a fiddly fine thread on an aircraft pylon late for launch, “Where are your gloves Corporal?!!!”

    Cpl, “Turned ’em for a can of man, Sir.”

    CWO, stiffles smirks. walks away.

  5. Grimmy, if we added a daily intel brief to the litany of other meetings, briefs, and reports we’d never get anything done. Besides, as on I&I duty we don’t have an intel ninja.

    Saker, in the Corps this is commonly known as the LCpl Underground. As a SgtMaj I am no longer privy to its secrets. However, I am known to grab up a young Marine on occasion saying: “So tell me something I don’t know.”

    be603, I’ve found a well turned phrase can often deflect the wrath of senior Marines.

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