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In keeping with our weekend zombie theme, I thought I’d share these with you.

Here we have Ten Reasons Why The Walking Dead Should Just Kill Carl. With which I totally agree. When we all start hoping against hope that a rotting, undead, corpse takes a big toothy bite out of a little kid it’s a sign of pretty bad character development.

Below is video by Cold Steel addressing the pocket knife through the skull technique of zombie slaying. Unless the virus somehow turns skull bones into sponges I’m not sure it would work out the way it did in the show. Enjoy!

Hmmm…spike hawk eh?

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Now SGM, I know some folks who are “Pig Headed” and I know some folks who are “pigs” in ths sloppy sense, and I’ve been called a “pig” in a not so nice sense. I think if I had to use a folder for defense, I’d use it for slashing…sticking might cause it to get stuck and therefore loose a weapon.

  2. Heh.

    Hollyweirdos have never had much grasp of basic anatomy.

    Severed heads have solid neck stumps?

    To rip out guts only requires tearing through a thin layer of skin?

    A hit to the head always knocks someone out… and never causes any long term damage?

    Remember… we’re talking about reality made up by folks who’s only job skill is the application of makeup and they’re doing it for the entertainment of other folks who don’t generally make a habit of paying attention to details… or anything else for that matter.


  3. “Stay in the house, Carl” – i’m gonna get myself a t-shirt.

    PS, you need to change the subtitle on your banner and the “ask” button, they still say America’s 1st Sgt – i woulda thought a Sgt Maj would have had a better eye for detail… pfffft. It’s been a week for goodness’ sake.

  4. CI Roller, I myself am a proponent of knife thrusting vice slashing. It’s more lethal. Knife thrusts to the skull don’t seem like a good idea against the living or the undead though.

    Grimmy, c’mon man, you mean to tell me you’ve never fought your way through a platoon of henchmen and not knocked them all out with bare knuckles on the jawline? Pffffff!

    Magoo, do ya think? Unfortunately changing those will require more than merely some quick typing. I’ll have to swap out the entire picture for both and as technologically challenged as I am this will take some dedicated time to do. I kind of a low tech guy here so cut a brother some slack.

  5. Wow. The knives and all the other weapons in that video were lovely! That Jungle Machete was particularly impressive in the way it damaged the pig’s skull. I checked the website for Cold Steel and it’s only forty dollars! Guess what I’m going to get when I turn eighteen. 🙂

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