1. OUCH!

    But but they all had their stuff in the belly (or in the belly of some plane) and, cause I’m nosey, would they have been carrying some of their official weapons? (not the 3″ or longer knives, etc that are barred on civilian flights)

  2. I cannot WAIT to here America’s 1st SGT’s recounting of this story.

    One of the articles mentioned that the Marines spent the night at the Hyatt but I, too, would wonder about all of the sensitive gear on board. Oh Lord – please don’t let it be that America’s 1st SGT had to stand guard at the plane while the other Marines slept comfortably at the Hyatt.

    Yep, this is gonna be a good story.

    So glad they are home.

  3. OK, let’s add India to the list of countries we need to “fix”…what a bunch of retards….
    So, at least it’s not just the National Guard that gets screwed on deployments.
    I’m pretty sure the First Sergeant and his company could have taken out the entire Indian Army.

  4. Oh good lord. Having been through India’s bureaucracy myself, stuff like this doesn’t surprise me.

    There are some WONDERFUL hotels and places to eat and also to see in Mumbai. However, these guys just WANT TO GET HOME!

    This being said, I do hope they’re well taken care of. Indian hospitality can be quite wonderful at times.

  5. Finally landed this afternoon at the air strip in Marine Corps Base Hawaii. We had another layover in Thailand and a stop in Okinawa before we finally landed in K-Bay. All weapons and serialized gear are accounted for. Jarheads all have a place to sleep and have been suitably regaled about the consequences of this actions during their next 96 hours of liberty. America’s 1stSgt is going to take a little nap now.

    thanks for the welcome home and well wishes gang.


  6. What were they going to do?? Invade India?? How stupid can a country get?? I’ve been there and the greatest sound you could hear at that time was the thump, stamp, splat of a rubber stamp on what ever paper was in front of the dearest official in the world that held your life in his hands. Glad you all made it back in one piece and a warm and thankful welcome home America’s 1st!!! lorraine

  7. YAY! Welcome home!
    I can hear you snorin’ all the way to AZ! hahaha Rest well…you deserve it.
    Glad you’re all home safely…
    WELL DONE and HUGE THANK YOU to all!!!

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