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By guestblogger: Hope

Hopefully, this post title is not as “ghey” as the last one? Dunno. I try not to delve into our beloved CP commander’s mind too often. Suffice to say a gurl’s definition of ghey will be different than your normal man, but we all know the definition of a normal man and America’s 1st Sgt do not exist in the same galaxy. (He’ll be pleased I said that part.)
Ah the perils of being CP minion.
This recent picture will surely rectify any gheyness the good 1st Sgt was concerned with. Yes?

Pictured rt, America’s 1st Sgt (r) and his CO.

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  1. HEY! I didn’t authorize any “guest bloggers”. What the heck is going on here?

    Guys, I think Hope is just a little ticked at me; again.

    But really, can any of you imagine me saying the words, “Hi from Iraq!” with my hand waving and a big toothy smile?

    Me either.

  2. Great picture! I’ll send you a NAVY ballcap and a Gomer Pyle doll. And I can’t see you saying ‘Ta Ta’ when you sign off, either.

    And Hope, that’s 1st Sgt Dork to you.

  3. Oh, I can totally picture America’s 1st Sgt with a big ol’ goofy grin on his face waving like a six-year-old and squealing “Hi from Iraq!” Ok, maybe not… 🙂

  4. Top,
    That’s a minor malfunction about the “Guest Blogger” thing. I’m sure there’s something in a FM about how to clear the problem. (try hitting the magazine, rack the charghing handle, & hit the forward assist?)
    I still regreat some of the best Kodak Moments I had in Iraq I had to have my M-4 in my hands instead of my camera. (but I’m still alive)

  5. No way, Coffeypot. I’m well aware he could pee in the sink and people would rave at his sink peeing prowess, but my lips pucker for no 1st Sgt. Are you kidding me? Do you know what kind of fat head I would be aiding and abetting?!

  6. Great picture. I figured out a while ago that someone was taking “liberties” with writing the titles around here.

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t think that particular title was too “ghey.”

  7. SoutherN, thank you!

    Hope, I TOLD YOU SO.

    And ladies, why to you insist on men behaving like sissies instead of lumberjacks? I really fail to see the appeal.

    I mean…not that I like lumberjacks…I’m just saying.

  8. 1st Sgt,
    We are just trying to add some levity with our little comments… that’s all 😉
    Personally, I prefer Marines to lumberjacks or sissies

  9. Ah Katherine, you flatterer. I chalk up my youthful looks to clean living. That and eating far less brownies than I let on.

    Red, I am the crowned prince of levity. No worries here.

    Travis, thankfully, has totally illustrated the point. For some reason Hope and her allies seek to “sissy up” the 1stSgt. Not likely.

    Sarge, I AM ready to kick butt. Unfortuantely that is not our mission this year.

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