• February 7, 2014
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More Adventures In Drill Weekend

It’s drill weekend. Time to play one of my favorite games: Guess Who’s Parking In The SgtMaj’s Parking Spot?

In all fairness, the sign which designates the Inspector Instructor SgtMaj’s parking spot has been knocked down for some time. The sign being down doesn’t really bother me. The Marines who work with me daily know its my spot and we have plenty of parking in any case. On drill weekends though, 300 cars show up and parking becomes a premium commodity. Suddenly that one spot without a sign on it must be up for grabs because no one has parked in it yet.

My ego generally doesn’t suffer very much when my parking spot is taken. Mostly I regard it as an opportunity to have a little fun at the offending Marine’s expense.

The first time my spot was taken I got on the intercom and announced: “Attention in the HTC. If you own a green truck with Pennsylvania license plates and are parked in the I&I SgtMaj’s parking spot. He’d like to use it now. Thanks!”

A young officer who was checking in to the battalion that weekend immediately began sprinting down the passageway to move his truck. The battalion commander approached me.

“Those dang Reserve officers are always screwing with you, eh SgtMaj?”

“Don’t worry sir,” I replied. “I just parked in your spot instead.”

Another time I pulled in and a different truck occupying my spot. This time I just parked right in front of the offender blocking him in. Because I like variety, this time I didn’t make an announcement and merely waited.

Later that afternoon an announcement came over the PA: “If you own a truck with Kansas plates could you please move it. You are blocking someone.”

I immediately snatched my phone to make an announcement: “If you are being blocked by a truck with Kansas plates, report to the SgtMaj’s office.”

It was the battalion medical officer.

What adventures await this drill weekend? Stay tuned!

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. ASM, I don’t miss the “drill weekends”. After all our vehicles went to Iraq, we had plenty of parking spaces….and never did see any of those vehicles again.

  2. I can see having some fun with anybody else, but the battalion medical officer? I’m not sure that’s wise.

    (You keep an extra copy of your shot card, right?)

  3. OldAF, I like to keep things simple.

    Well Seasoned One, no but I haven’t been that adamant about putting it back up either.

    CI Roller, nice! We probably gave them away to our “allies”

    Shay, he’s also an ER doc. I should probably watch it, but parking in the SgtMaj’s parking spot has consequences.

  4. ASM:

    You might want to be careful. Your guys might be reservists, but they’re still Marines. And, since they’re Marines, there’s a L/Cpl mafia in that mix.

    You know they’ll find a way to turn that parking thing around on you. They’ll *have* to do it. It’s genetic.

    – Grimmy

  5. America’s SgtMaj:

    That’s because L/Cpls are smart, and officers are merely college graduates.

    When you find an old junker, up on blocks, squatting on your parking spot one fine day, don’t say you weren’t warned.

    You were a L/Cpl once upon a time.
    Try saying it can’t/wont happen.

    – Grimmy

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