Heard in the clear: Mission Essential Tasks

Some pearls from the cutting edge of Marine Corps aviation and other far flung corners of the military industrial complex.

As noted above, it’s important to know your place within the full spectrum of military operations. I’ve found that in the Air Wing, pilots are required to take on the mantle of various collateral duties that in an infantry battalion would be handled by someone with a corresponding military occupational specialty.  The Adjutant, S-4, Safety, Maintenance, and all the OICs of support ninjas like Seat Shop are pilots. This drives many of them insane:

“I hate this! Why can’t I just be a fighter pilot, rage, party, and fly?”

There are nuggets of wisdom that can only be gleaned through tragic experience:

“When a general officer says he intends to just take a few minutes of your time, he means well over 60 of them.”

Social media is a great thing. Watching young lieutenants navigate the treacherous waters of military courtesy and safety

“Saw my senior officers in the hallway talking. Ran past them holding scissors. Made them all chuckle. It’s Thursday in the Army.” – Blondes Over Baghdad. See more of her insights on Twitter @blondsOvrBaghd .

Then there was that one time with the Black Sheep.


Semper Fidelis!

America’s SgtMaj

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