Military Working Dogs

Both the Commandant and SgtMaj of the Marine Corps are on deck today. As you can imagine I’ll be somewhat busy. In the meantime, enjoy some working dogs!

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. SGM,
    Here’s a thought…do they really need to say:”Working Dog” when the K9 is a member of the military?

    I asked a Marine K9 guy that in Iraq one time. He had “Working Dog” on his vehilce…I asked him: “Do you have a Play Dog?”
    My team and I were lucky enough to have stayed at a small camp one time where they had 2 Marine Dogs…one I was able to handle and get to follow my commands…the Marine was a little surprise. I learned from some of the best many years ago. I was never a K9 handler, but I was taught how to take over if the cop got injured.

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