Milbloggie Awards Time!

That’s right gang, it’s the time of year again when milbloggers the world over take out their egos and admire them.  As a SgtMaj in the Marine Corps, I must admit mine is as formidable as any.  I also need a reason to post something, so let’s take a look at some of the finalists shall we?

In the category that matters we have four finalists representing the World’s Finest United States Marine Corps:

All the true praetorians know who to vote for.

Maj Pain, over at One Marine’s View. He’s a multiple award winner and very popular. A tough nomination to beat.

Taco Bell, author of the Sandgram. A friend of ours and also a prior winner of this fine award.

ME! ME! ME! Oh, did I mention I was a finalist? For the sake of full disclosure, I won the award the first year I was nominated and there was much rejoicing.

All the above are the usual suspects if you ever follow the Milbloggie Awards at all. So it’s nice to see a new hat thrown in the ring with our final nomination: Vintage Engineer Boots.

Marines aside, there are a couple other categories I have a bias in so make sure you check them out.

In the U.S. Reporter category we have Red Bull Rising authored by Charlie Sherpa. You should vote for him. Trust your SgtMaj.

Parents have a category too. In this case I recommend Semper Fi Parents or perhaps Maureen’s Marine because, you know…MARINES.

Finally in the Military Spouse category my bias leans toward Kanani making things happen at The Kitchen Dispatch.  Of course, neither Kanani or I will be mad at you if you vote for Wife [Widow] of a Wounded Marine.

You can go check out the rest of the categories and finalists at the Milblogging site. The voting opens some time today and the consequences for not voting could be dire indeed!

Flog that one for not voting for Castra Praetoria!

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. I voted for you! And I plan to sneak onto my family members computers and vote on them, too. Because, y’know, I’m sure they would vote for you if they read your blog. It’s not cheating! ^_^

  2. Magoo, your sensitivity to my needs is inspiring.

    Leslie, thanks!

    Erika, that’s okay. The first year I was a finalist I directed my entire company to vote for me. My mantra that year was: “No milbloggie, no liberty.”

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